When Should I Buy A New Printer?

The funny thing with technology is that it is always evolving. Ideally, it is not only the biggest blessing but it also the biggest curse for any modern-day person. A blessing since it means more advanced tools to work with and a curse since keeping up with these upgrades can be challenging.

When Should I Buy A New Printer

For instance, think of your printer. Fundamentally, print technology is developing so fast that it’s challenging to identify when you need to purchase a new printer. Furthermore, if you regularly use your printer, it’s quite easy to get caught up in the routine and not realize that your beloved printer is fast approaching the end of its time.

So, precisely how do you know when you should purchase a new printer? There are several things that you should watch out for to know when you should get a new printer including:

1. If You Can’t Find Replacement Parts for your printer

This is perhaps the most apparent reason why you should buy a new printer. Typically, this is what happens when you have an aging printer

First, your printer breaks down, and the necessary OEMs spares (Original Equipment Manufacturers) become unavailable. In this phase, you can get aftermarket components or spares built by third-party manufacturers.

At this stage, your necessity to get a new printer isn’t vital, but it can be termed as pertinent. What this means is that whether or not you need to purchase a new printer is not dependent on your personal preferences.

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For example, if you are not so much into incorporating and using the absolute finest technology gadgets, then you may go on utilizing your printer with some aftermarket components.

Nonetheless, if you are past this phase, then you definitely need to get yourself a new printing machine. This is the phase where you simply cannot get any spare parts for your machine.

2. If Your printing Needs Have increased/broadened

One other pretty obvious way you can decide if you should get a new printer is when you realize your printing needs have changed, and your current printer simply can’t keep up with the demands. This circumstance can happen in a few ways, including:

  • You need distinct features that your current printer lacks, such as copying, AirPrint, scanning, remote printing, faxing, or even automatic duplexing.
  • You either need to print in color or print some photos, but the printer is monochrome.
  • You require some more printing speed since your printing volume has increased or more people are using the same printer
  • Your overall printing volume has grown in such significance that your current inkjet printer is becoming much more expensive than needs be, and laser printers are a much better option.

Essentially, this is among the most common reason why individuals need to purchase a new printer. When you realize that printing needs have surged, then not upgrading your printer might significantly affect your personal or professional productivity.

3. If the Print Quality Has Gone Down

Another sign that shows you need to purchase a new printer is when the quality of your print goes down. Essentially, this may mean anything from black lines or faded prints in your prints.

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If the quality of your print has diminished over time, it may be wise to consider if the issue is your cartridges initially. Sadly, this is not something printer owners want to hear. Why? They are quite expensive to replace.

Ask anyone about what bothers them the most when it comes to their printer, and most likely, they will all say the same thing: costly ink cartridges. The money you spend on conventional ink cartridges can quickly add up to more than the total amount you originally paid for your printer, particularly if you have those typical budget-friendly models.

Nonetheless, while the obvious solution would be to purchase new cartridges-which are quite expensive you can go for recycled or remanufactured printer cartridges. This is a much better alternative to buying original ink cartridges because it’s cheaper.

Usually, these cartridges are sent back to the original manufacturer, who then restocks the ink and repairs or replaces any faulty or damaged parts. After these cartridges have been restocked to their original state, the manufacturer performs a quality test to ensure they are up to the task and are functioning effectively.

However, if you find that even after getting remanufactured or new cartridges and they fail to transform the quality of your print, then you need to think about replacing the printer’s print head.

It is quite easy to replace the print head or the drum on the modern printer models. In fact, if you spend some time, you might just find yourself doing it all by yourself. What’s more, numerous printer cartridges usually come with their distinct print heads, meaning that you get some new print heads each time you replace your cartridges.

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In the end, if all these solutions don’t seem to work, or appear to cost you much more over time, then you need to buy yourself a new printer.


Ultimately, the few factors mentioned above should ideally help you in deciding if and when you should buy a new printer. They are among the several factors that you should consider when you are thinking about getting yourself a new printer.

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