Cooling A Garage or Shop With High-Velocity Fans That Don’t Make Noise

Cooling A Garage or Shop

A garage or shop takes creativity to keep cool during the hot periods of the year. If there are windows, you at least have some ventilation as well as natural light, but there is not always that luxury. You see this, especially in residential conditions. When there are no windows and a lack of insulation, temperatures tend to soar on a sunny day as the air becomes trapped in the open space.

Consider The Type Of Cooling Needed

If the duties that you perform in the garage/shop require a great deal of concentration, the cooling system that you choose for the space needs to be somewhat quiet; Check out Soundproof Pros. It’s important to consider your comfort level and how cold will be too much when performing your tasks. When the items that you store have a sensitivity to temperature or humidity, there will need to be a comprehensive system.

Portable Options For Cooling A Garage With No Windows

The temperature in a garage with no windows can rise rapidly on a hot summer day making working conditions unbearable. There are a few things you can do to let the hot air out and bring colder air into the area. Doing so can increase the amount of productivity for those working in the area. No one wants to work in conditions where they’re at a low comfort level.

Portable Options For Cooling A Garage

  • One of the most obvious options is to open the garage door(s) to release the hot air. Opening the door will bring in cooler air, depending on the location of the sun and the situation with your insulation within the garage. If the site of the doors is on the north side, this area sits in the shade. The air will be more refreshing compared to the stifling heat of the garage air, particularly if there is no insulation in the shop. Standard entry doors should be propped open along with the large doors to allow for cross-ventilation.
  • Putting an industrial-strength ceiling fan into the garage or shop area is going to create a breeze (along with the doors being open) while you work. The commercial-grade, as opposed to a residential variety, will allow for the most powerful production and ensure that the blades withstand abuse and debris created from these specific job duties.
  • Purchasing a high-velocity fan specifically designed for commercial spaces will keep cold air circulating throughout the whole area during the entire day without fail. Typically, these fans produce a lot of noise, but there are brands made on the market created to be quiet. A fan like this doesn’t just circulate the hot air. The power is such that it pushes the cold air into the area, eliminating the heat in the process. It’s essential to research the various types available to make sure that you get the features specific for your needs and the size of your space.
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A workshop or working garage can range up to 1000 square feet (92.9 square meters) or more extensive, with the recommendation for this space being a fan of approximately 18” fitted with metal blades. Plastic is less durable in this type of environment and not as forceful in pushing the air.

  • Installing an air conditioning system is a substantial investment for the working garage or shop space. Granted, there may be no windows and no insulation creating a basic hot box, but how cold will be too much. If you’re in an area that stays warm all year, with little cool weather, the hot temperatures are challenging. Before you opt for this choice, though, you need to consider the number of people working there, the size, how much time is spent inside, and how cold you need the environment.

insulation creating a basic hot box

When heat is causing significant issues with a business that you run out of the environment and productivity is down because of the level of heat that you deal with regularly, air conditioning would make sense. In this way, there would be a return on your investment.

Ultimately, the cooling decision for a working garage or shop area will depend on many factors, most importantly, the level of work that’s involved in the space and how many people use the area regularly. If it’s a casual environment only used occasionally for one person, the more permanent solutions may not be necessary. It would depend on the location at that point and how much the shop owner wants to invest in cooling expenses. Click to learn ways to keep your shop at the right temperature.

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The budget will be a deciding factor in any of the choices that you opt for with a cooling system. In all options, it’s essential to research the various brands for reviews, obtain recommendations from friends, and research the history to make sure that you’re getting a good source for your particular needs. Regardless of which you decide on, make sure to measure the square feet of the total area you’re working with so that the system you obtain will be sufficient to make the space more comfortable.

space more comfortable

It’s difficult to work in conditions of extreme temperatures with productivity suffering. No matter if there is one person or many, comfort is imperative when you spend any amount of time performing tasks that you need or even want to do. Creating that environment, when it doesn’t exist naturally, is possible and essential.

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