Best Virtual Assistant Companies In 2019

Digital evolutions in the 21st have been stunning. Work environments are becoming more digitized. There are thriving world-class businesses run from the bedroom with a plethora of genius staff spread across the internet.

More companies are resorting to virtual working environments not only to simplify the process but also get more done for less. How tantalizing!

Best Virtual Assistant Companies In 2019

Life is so beautiful, why kill yourself with work? Yes, workaholism is no longer cool! There are crowds of capable virtual assistants strewn across the internet that are yearning to make life easy for you.  You know what? Most of them are terrifically affordable yet dazzling you with premium competence.

Basically, a virtual assistant is more like your online secretary. These are professionals that help entrepreneurs, and everyday people do their work.

They work from the virtual space, so you don’t need to be racking your head about how you are going to secure office space for them, worry about taxes, benefits, and even logistics.

There is such an exciting plurality in the skill sets of virtual assistants today. You can get virtual assistants that can help you with administrative duties as far as the most rigorously technical tasks that you would think only MIT geeks can handle. These virtual assistants are more of independent contractors in contrast to your traditional employees.

Virtual assistant companies are not short in supply. There is an overwhelming number of these companies all flavored with excellence and affordability. Let us examine some of the top virtual assistant companies in the world for this year.


For a virtual assistance company that commenced operation in 2016, Wow24-7 has astonishingly beat expectations, consolidating itself among the cream of virtual assistant companies today. This is one of the leading European outsourcing companies headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Wow24-7 has typified itself for glowing excellence when it comes to voice services as well as non-voice BPO/back office services. This virtual assistant company has raised the bar for innovation, bringing in an admirable array of outsourcing technology which has aided scores of businesses to compete globally.

Intelligent Office

Headquartered in Denver with offices spreading through Canada, Washington, and London, Intelligent Office deserves its uncontested place among the top virtual assistant companies of the year.

This company started in 2010 and have grown aggressively across the last decade, expanding to over 300 employees. They cater to any size of business when it comes to big-business infrastructure services. Intelligent Office has made its mark in inbound calls, voice BPO, and general customer support.

247 Virtual Assistants

247 Virtual assistants bring back the spice to delegating. This virtual assistant company follows you up closely on your project from idealization to execution, coordinating the whole process while you watch Game of Thrones.

247 Virtual assistant boast rigorously trained staff impeccably kneading sophistication with professionalism. It would catch your fancy to learn that only 5% of the humongous pool of applicants that apply to work with them ever make it into the team. This should depict to you how high the standards are at 247 virtual assistants.

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