The History And Benefits Of Air Freight Services

The incredible reality about today’s world is that anything can be shipped from one end of the world to the other end. There are services that ensure your package is delivered as quickly as possible and to the right destination. But it’s not enough to simply send your freight where it needs to go. Making sure it remains safe and secure during transport is key when considering air freight services.

The History And Benefits Of Air Freight Services

History of Air Freight Services

In 1903, the world changed. The Wright brothers invented the first airplane, and a world of new possibilities was born. Amazingly, as soon as the first planes were gracing the vast skies, entrepreneurs started imagining what it would be like to expand their businesses – and profits – across the world.

At the turn of the twentieth century, air freight services became increasingly more necessary. Entrepreneurs and business owners were faced with the amazing possibility of doing business overseas easily, thereby growing their companies and profits exponentially. As trade networks became more easily accessible and more profitable for businesses, air freight became a highly efficient method for shipping goods internationally.

By 1911, humanity saw its first cargo plane. Although it was used only for mail, it served as the beginning of international shipments. By 1930, aircraft became increasingly more massive and sturdy, thereby allowing for heavier cargo.

Benefits of Air Freight Services 

Choosing whether to ship goods via air, sea, or land is an important decision. There are plenty of air freight services that offer plenty of advantages over other types of freight transport.

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  1. It’s fast. There’s no question about it. Sending freight by air means it will land where you need it in the fastest way possible. Incredibly, because nonstop planes are so remarkably fast, it’s possible to send goods across the globe in less than two days. If items are time-sensitive, then this is the best transport option to use. After all, flight means speed.
  1. It’s cost-effective. Because shipping goods by air is so fast, it’s sometimes the more cost-effective method of transporting items, especially when time equals money. What’s more, insurance costs for flight transport are usually much lower than for any other type of transport. Why? Because airports offer security that insurance companies love.
  1. Perishable goods stay fresh. Because air freight services are so efficient, food items stay fresh far more often than they would via land or sea. Time is of the essence when it comes to sending perishables across continents, and there’s no better way to ensure food stays fresh than by transporting it as quickly as possible.
  1. Air freight services offer unparalleled flexibility. In fact, air services can transport goods almost anywhere in the world. If freight needs to make it to a different continent or to the other side of the planet, going by air would be the smartest and most convenient thing to do.

Types of Goods That Can Be Transported By Air 

There are countless companies in the world selling their products to a host of countries. Although air security has tightened over the last two decades, for good reason, there are a number of goods commonly transported via air.

  • Produce that can’t be found or is not seasonal in the country to which it’s being shipped.
  • Culturally specific nonperishable goods, from European chocolates to Chinese Oolong tea.
  • Manufactured goods and parts.
  • Clothing and fabrics.
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There are a lot more benefits than drawbacks to using air freight services. From speed to security to the possibility of greater profits, today’s freight transport possibilities are truly extraordinary.

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