Elegantly Handcrafted Macbook Sleeves That Both Impresses And Protects

One of the best features of the MacBook is its shiny aluminum body. Paired with that iconic lighted Apple icon and your laptop is bound to turn heads. However, no matter how careful the owner is, the device is likely to get scratched, dented, and scraped. Whether it’s your fault is immaterial, that beautiful exterior is already blemished.

Elegantly Handcrafted Macbook Sleeves That Both Impresses And Protects

In order to protect your device, handcrafted MacBook sleeves are the way to go. The accessory is the best way to shield your laptop from all risks, especially if you are a frequent traveler.

Each Apple product is like a work of art that is meant to be displayed. But believe it or not, the handcrafted MacBook sleeves from Mission Leather Co. bring the aesthetics to a whole other level.

Why You Need Sleeves for Your Laptop

  1. Keep your laptop in pristine condition. The quick turnaround of technology demands that you upgrade every few years. Whereas before, changing gadgets seemed like a luxury, now it’s almost a necessity. The demands of both software and games are constantly growing, and you need to keep updated with the times. In this regard, the resale value of your MacBook remains high if it’s in pristine condition, free from scratches and dents.
  2. High-Grade Finish. The sleeves from Mission Leather Co. are made from cowhide leather, which is both durable and flexible. The soft wool lining, meanwhile, protects the fragile parts of your laptop. You might drop your MacBook to the floor, but you can be assured that it won’t sustain any damage.
  3. They give another layer of protection. Whether you are out on a business trip or vacation, you can bring your MacBook along without worrying about breaking it or the device sustaining damage. The handcrafted MacBook sleeves add another layer of protection so you can stuff your laptop in your carry-on. You can even store the carry-on in the overhead bin, and you can be sure that your laptop will still run smoothly upon turning it on.
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Finally, each MacBook sleeve is handcrafted so your computer will fit inside it like a glove. The snug fit is vital because the sleeve absorbs the shock of an accidental fall or in case your carry-on is crushed by other bags and luggage.

The cover fastens to the sleeve via buttons, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop accidentally falling out during the trip. The MacBook sleeves come in tan and black hues, which add to that elegant and luxurious feel. Nobody will even suspect that the product is less than $80. It sure does feel and look expensive. You might think that spending eighty bucks on sleeves is a bit much but think of it as an investment. If you are going to sell your laptop somewhere down the road, then covering it with a protective sleeve will yield you a higher return during resale. Buyers will still look at the exterior of the MacBook and draw their impressions from there. Ultimately, you can increase the price closer to the original cost of the laptop.

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