Are Varifocals Good For Computer Work?

Varifocal lenses or multifocal glasses are the technically advanced glasses. These glasses have the ‘wonder’ lenses as they are not meant to correct one but multiple eyesight disorders. So, whether you are struggling with shortsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia or astigmatism, you know the right glasses are Varifocal glasses.  Better known as the advanced version of bifocals, these glasses do not have any visible life that partitions the upper part for distance vision and the lower part for the close by vision.

Although bifocal and varifocal glasses both are multifocal lenses and helpful in providing clear vision at distance and close by, the Varifocal lenses are a perfect choice when you want to save yourself from the embarrassment of switching between the reading glasses and the distance glasses. You need just one pair of varifocals that covers all your eyesight disorder related issues. When you compare bifocal and varifocal, there is a clear line on the bifocal lenses that divide the upper part and lower part. Besides, bifocals offer only two different power strengths in the same lens, whereas varifocal lenses provide three unique power strengths in the same lens.


Clearly there are three different zones in the varifocal glasses i.e. upper part for correcting distance vision, the lower part for correcting nearby vision, and the middle area for intermediate one. Varifocal lens glasses are also known as progressive glasses since you move from one area of prescription power to the other in the same lens very smoothly and not suddenly unlike bifocal glasses.

Are Varifocals lenses for computer work

However, often people wonder if the varifocal is good for computer work or not?  Clearly, the answer is YES. When working on the computer at the workplace or home, distant glasses and reading glasses do not favour.  This is because the distance glasses are meant to correct far off distance vision correction, while the reading glasses are able to correct close by vision disorder that is less than an arm’s length or so. Whereas, when you work on the computer, the distance is beyond the arm’s lens but not as far as viewing television.

At the distance where your computer or laptop is placed, say around 24 inches or 2 feet or beyond, at such a distance varifocal glasses can do the amazing job.  This is where the middle portion of the varifocal glasses works. The middle part is designed for the intermediate distance, that is, the distance at which we view computers and laptops.  And at the same time, you can view the book lying next to your computer or watch out for that beautiful bird sitting outside the window. All this you can do without tilting your head (unlike while using bifocals). You only need to move your eyes in order to shift the focus at the focal point.

Varifocals Good For Computer Work

Anti-glare and anti-blue light Varifocal lenses

However, it is important that you choose good quality varifocal glasses that have anti-glare and anti-blue light protection coating. You can order progressive lenses from Specscart, that not only provide 30% enhanced vision clarity but also guarantees 99.99% of blocking glares and harmful blue light from entering the eyes. Specscart is a well-known brand that is famous for its affordable glasses in the UK and at the same time offer free of cost anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch protection features on the glasses. Specscart’s varifocal glasses with protection features are perfect as computer glasses and thereby prevent the occurrence of digital eye strain, headache, migraine, eye pain, etc.

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Getting used to varifocals

Although, getting used to varifocals takes some time ranging from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. However, the trick is to use the varifocal glasses as much as you can and in no case resort to your old glasses. It is only the practice and regular use of progressive glasses that can help you in getting used to them. However, initially, you may face difficulty in focusing on the object, climbing stairs and driving, but these issues will fade away after a few days of regular usage of varifocal glasses.  Remain loyal to them and you will notice that you are getting used to varifocals in no time.

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