Landing in Bangalore? Make the Airport Cab your Ride for the Entire Trip

Thousands of people land at Bangalore’s airport for business and other reasons every day. Karnataka’s capital is a corporate and recreational hub and it is also a great base to explore the rest of Southern India. When moving around in a city like Bangalore, it is always advisable to choose transportation options that help save more time. Those who like to travel on their own terms are choosing the option of a self drive airport taxi. It not only takes them to their city destination but also offers the option for the entire trip’s transport.

Airport cab in Bangalore

Avoid the Pitfalls of Public Transport

Public transport is inconsistent – there are places that can be reached easily, and then there are others that are out of the way. For someone who is unfamiliar with the city, it can become a maze and dependence on auto-rickshaws and buses might not be the solution. When traveling on one’s own terms, the driver has more control. The rental car’s navigation system allows people to negotiate different routes and avoid bottlenecks with live updates.

End to End Transport

For those looking for a self drive airport taxi Bangalore has a lot to offer. Zoomcar provides the best option. The vehicle can be booked on an app and the car can be picked up just outside the airport terminal. Depending on the group size and requirements, one can choose from the latest hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs. The airport is roughly 45 kms from town and the taxi can be dropped off at multiple centres in the city.

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A lot of informed travellers are using the rental as their singular transport for the entire trip. So the airport rental also becomes the ride for work commute and other errands. This saves a lot of time for visitors to the city.

The return journey is equally simple. One just needs to drive back to the airport, drop the car close to the terminal and enjoy the flight back. For those who are using the rental platform for airport travel only, they can book a rental in the city, pick it up in a nearby location and drive to the airport.

Added Security in a Rental

Another very important advantage of choosing a rental is that there is complete privacy – very important for solo travellers and all-female groups. Bangalore is a city with many attractions and late night travel to secluded neighbourhoods can be problematic without one’s own transport. The self drive airport rental cab solves that problem.

Places to go to in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city sprinkled with restaurants, malls, state-of-the-art tech parks, pubs, lounges and much more. One needs to explore in all directions to get a taste of this cosmopolitan and progressive city. Some of the best areas for social activities include the bustling MG Road, the posh Indiranagar, and the very youthful Koramangala localities. One can also drive to outskirts attractions like the cool Nandi Hills and the scenic Hesaraghatta grasslands for a nature-based getaway.

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