How To Sleep Well When You’re Getting Pregnant: Wonderful 15 Tips For Mother-To-Be

When you are getting pregnant, you must also anticipate a lot of physical changes to your body. It is also important to realize that you need to sleep well during pregnancy to avoid the discomfort that can affect your physical and mental well-being.

Different types of mattresses can help improve your sleep. It is also crucial that you know the right side to sleep on to avoid discomfort. Pregnancy is characterized by issues such as back pain as well as some form of distress in different muscles.

Pregnant Sleeping

Sleep On Your Side

When your pregnancy is in the third trimester, 28 weeks or more, it is crucial that you sleep on your side. The main advantage of sleeping on your side is that you prevent stillbirth. When you sleep on your side, the child is safe since the fluids from the uterus support it.

The baby is also active when you sleep on your side such that the risk of stillbirth is low. The other advantage of sleeping on your upside is that you can rest peacefully since the weight of the baby does not cause discomfort.

It is crucial that you sleep on either side during the night or when you take daytime naps. It does not matter that you may work up on your back since you spend long periods on the side you rest. Sleeping on the also lowers pressure on your back thereby reducing back pain.

Sleep on Your Left Side

When you are about to give birth, there are many benefits of sleeping on your left side. For instance, sleeping on your left helps the kidneys to release waste products and fluids from your body. Other researches also indicate that sleeping on your back reduces the chances of stillbirth by half.

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The blood flow in your body is not disturbed when you sleep on your left side. The position of the heart is on the left side, and this helps it to moderate the rate of blood flow. On the other hand, there are also different sleeping positions that you should avoid since they can affect the child.

Avoid Sleeping On The Back

There are high risks of stillbirth when you sleep on your back because the womb and the baby put more pressure on main blood vessels in your body. These vessels supply the uterus with oxygen and blood which supports the baby. Therefore, sleeping on the back can restrict the flow of blood and oxygen to the baby which can cause stillbirth.

The baby is less active when the expecting mother sleeps on her back during late pregnancy. The baby experiences changes in its heartbeat patterns which can also cause stillbirth. Limited activity of the baby is a result of the suppressed flow of oxygen to the baby.

Put Pillows On Your Back

To avoid falling on your back when you are sleeping, it is vital that you put some pillows to guide you on the appropriate side. When there are pillows behind you, it becomes difficult to fall on your back. You can only change the sleeping side when you wake up, and this helps you to prevent discomfort when you are resting.

Pay Attention To Your Sleeping Position

You must always pay attention to your sleeping position during the day and at night. If you sleep on the side, make sure that you maintain the side even if you wake up for some other reasons. When you return to sleep, keep the same position so that your body can get used to it.

Tie a Bundle Of Hair At the Back Of Your Heard

If you have long hair, it is important to tie it in a bundle shape at the back of your head. This bundle will make it uncomfortable for you to sleep on your back. It is better that the discomfort makes it difficult for you to sleep on your back to protect the child. Stillbirth is the last thing you will anticipate in your pregnancy.

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Use an Elevated Pillow

In case of experiencing short breath during sleep, it is vital that you use an elevated pillow. If you sleep on your side, you must make sure that the body posture allows normal flow of blood and oxygen. For example, you must ensure that your head is elevated to avoid suppression of the nasal system.

When the position of the head is too low, your breathing pattern can also be under pressure. The result can be some problems with breathing. To avoid this problem, you should get the right pillow that does not cause discomfort to your sleeping pattern.

Put a Pillow Between You Legs

When you are sleeping on your side, you should make sure that the pelvis on the upper side is in a level position with the rest of the body. You are likely to experience changes in your pelvic bones as they prepare for the birth of the child. You may also notice a bit of vaginal growth, this is why a lot of women consider a labiaplasty after giving birth. This process can result in back pain hence a pillow between your legs when you sleep essential to give you maximum comfort.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Stomach During Second And Third Trimesters Of Pregnancy

During your first trimester of pregnancy, the bump in your womb is still small hence you can sleep on your stomach. However, as you enter your second and third trimesters, the uterus becomes big, and it is not advisable to sleep on your stomach.

When pregnancy reaches advanced stages, sleeping facing downwards causes a lot of discomfort to you. The other danger is that you exert more pressure on the child that can cause undesired complications. For safety reasons of the baby, always avoid sleeping on your stomach.

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Avoid Sleeping Early After Eating

Heartburn is also common during the third trimester of your pregnancy. The pressure on the stomach pushes the acids back to the esophagus thereby causing heartburn. The problem is widespread during sleep time after eating a heavy meal in most cases.

It is good for you to divide your meals into smaller portions during the day to avoid the problem of heartburn. When you sleep, also try to make sure that the upper part of the abdomen is elevated to prevent movement of contents from the stomach to the esophagus.

Perform Regular Exercises

Insomnia or lack of sleep is a common condition among pregnant women due to some discomforts they experience.   Before you rest, it is vital to perform some exercises to flex your muscles as well as to promote blood flow. Exercising is right for your physical as well as mental health and can help you sleep correctly.

Be Positive

When you are pregnant, you must be positive and focus on the best outcome of your pregnancy. You can also use the strategy of meditation to remain positive while at the same time avoiding negative thoughts. There is a high risk of falling victim to stress if you focus on negative things about your pregnancy. Before you rest, try to meditate something positive and read something that can soothe your mind.

Sleep in The Dark

Sleeping in the dark is very important when you are pregnant. Avoid light at night, and other devices like mobile phones since they can affect your patterns of sleep. You should also avoid stimulants like caffeine and tobacco before you sleep.

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