Instagram Followers Cheat: How Does It Work?

Many Instagram users dream about popularity and thousands of followers. The reasons may be different. Someone wants to use the page for sales, someone as an advertising platform, and for someone, it’s just a status.

There are two ways how to increase the number of subscribers:

special services (Instagram like Bot);

  • ordinary people who have experience in followers cheat, and know some secrets.

How we can understand whether they attract real followers or fake accounts? This article will help you to have a good look at followers cheat, and help you understand which Instagram bots exist.

For what do we need many followers?

Each user pursues his/her own goals and implements plans related to his/her account.

Of course, the main reason to think about attracting followers is the possibility of earning money. Nowadays, almost everyone who has want and desire can make money on Instagram.

The first way is ads. Instagram has the upper hand among other social networks, and therefore advertising on Instagram is always in demand. If you have several tens of thousands of followers, you can already start selling ads. Advertisers will contact you when your blog becomes interesting for them. In addition, there are special advertising exchanges in social networks, where advertisers place their tasks, and bloggers and admins carry them out.

The second income opportunity is sales. On the one hand you can sell your own products, simultaneously developing your business and increasing brand awareness, and on the other hand, you can sell products of various stores for a fee. Affiliate programs are becoming more popular nowadays as well. This is a kind of hybrid of advertising and sales. You place advertising and a referral link to a seller’s website in your profile.  And then you will get your payoff not for the placement but for a purchased order.

As you can see, there are possibilities for making money on Instagram. But not everyone pursues this goal. For someone popularity and public acceptance are very important. First of all, it concerns creative people. For many of them, Instagram is the only way to be seen and heard by the general public.

The same applies to the promotion of an idea. This social network allows you to bring your thoughts to the masses without much investment, and look for like-minded people. But all these take shape if your followers are active. And for that, they need to be live users, not fakes. There are numerous firms that offer services to users, such as an Instagram manager can help to increase your followers. Below you will know what the differences between the live users and fake ones.

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Ins and Outs of bots and live users

Despite the fact that the attraction of both is called cheat, the difference is enormous. Instagram subscription is not a number at the top of the screen. Every follower is a real person. As a result, a potential customer or a buyer. Real followers on Instagram are worth their weight in gold, because they “Like” your publications, comment on your posts, and accordingly increase the engagement rate. And equally important, they promote your publications. After all, the more likes — the longer your post will be recommended to others.

To gain a live audience on Instagram will help you with the following methods:

  • an automatic subscription – mass following;
  • mass liking;
  • and the work of special advertising managers.

However, you can not always be sure of the honesty of these advertising managers. Therefore it is necessary to check their work. How to distinguish a bot from a real account? It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

Suppose you have got 1000 followers. You can’t check each of them. But you can do it selectively. 15-20 people are enough. Firstly, you should pay attention to:

  • Username. It must be similar to the real name or denote something. If you see a set of letters, be sure it is a bot.
  • Then look at the profile description. If it is in English or Arabic — then it is most likely a bot.
  • And, of course, view the publications. A few posts, pictures of various people or animals, or something else — is probably a bot as well.
  • You can finally check by writing a direct message with a question. If you receive a substantive reply, your correspondent is a real person. But if the answer is a boilerplate phrase without any meaning, your suspicions are correct and you do with the bot.

Identifying some of them, you can easily present a claim to the managers. It is better to ignore excuses that such accounts can always occur in the mass. After all, you need real Instagram followers.

Cheat your Instagram followers manually

In the initial stages, you can do it yourself until you will get the first couple of thousand.

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Why is it better to do it yourself? Because the first subscribers should be real and engaged. It is better to cheat manually or by using automated systems.

So, your account is created. How to cheat followers on Instagram by yourself? Start by analyzing the account. Look at it from the outside. If you headed over to the account, would you be interested in it? Could the description of the profile, photos catch your eye?  If the answers are positive, then proceed to attract your audience.

The easiest way is manually following. As a result, about 10% will follow you in return. This percentage may vary. It depends on the quality of your content, and on the fact how clearly you have defined your target audience. At the same time, you should remember that Instagram has its limits. So, you can follow about 7500 people, after that you will have to unfollow some of them to subscribe to new ones.

How to choose whom to subscribe? It’s pretty easy to do it manually on Instagram. Open a popular blog, similar to yours in the subject. Click on ‘followers’ and get the full list. Don’t subscribe to everyone. Check the username. Make sure you follow a person, not a commercial profile. It will be a little longer, but the result will be better.

The more followers you get on Instagram, the faster you will be able to move on to the next stages of promotion. After gaining a few thousand followers, you can order advertising from bloggers and promote in mutual. As the result, gain from this new followers. At the same time, you will have confidence that they are real people.

Cheat Instagram followers for a fee

There are many different paid services (Instagram automation tools) designed to cheat followers. Some of them weren’t developed yesterday and proved themselves to be good. With the help of these Bots, you will be able to cheat subscribers on Instagram. And at the same time, you will have no doubt that your new followers are real people.

How much does the high-quality cheat of real subscribers cost? It depends on the chosen service. They can be divided into two types. It is extremely important to know their operation principles and differences. Since the result will be completely different. Below we will describe those and other services, and tell you more about them.

Instagram bots to follow

As was said, there are two types. The first one automatically performs certain actions on your behalf (“Likes”, comments, follow). The second is buying Likes. You will get Likes steadily, and as many as you order. You can manage your promo campaign from your Android. This makes followers cheat convenient and accessible.

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Mass Following

A program automatically subscribes to users you define by age, gender, hashtag or geolocation. In addition to the subscription, the service is able to put likes, comment on photos, and even respond to new subscribers in Direct.

It looks like you are doing this yourself. However, if this were so, you would spend more than an hour daily. And here, everything happens without your participation.

What’s the point? You are followed, liked and commented in return.  The percentage will be low. But it will be your target audience who liked your account and would like to see your posts in their feed.

The cost of such services is quite low, and you pay for a certain period/module. The number of accounts can be limited, but the number of likes and subscriptions is determined only by your wishes. Finally, the cost of the attracted follower will be much lower.

Automatic cheat has its risks, so do not set too high limits. Then Instagram will not suspect you of working “with an assistant”, and the number of your followers will increase not so quickly, but steadily.

Buying Likes and Followers 

This cheat program works quite differently. There are two types of service users: those who want to cheat followers, and those who want to earn by performing some tasks. You deposit to an account and give a task. As a result, users subscribe to your account or Like it. But you should understand that these people are not your target audience. They subscribe to earn, and they are not interested in your account.

The second weakness is fake accounts. People create additional profiles for the purposes of earning. When Instagram recognizes this, the account is blocked.

On the one hand, you can quickly increase the number of followers. But, in fact, it will be a fiction, and you won’t get any benefits. It is important to understand that this method of followers cheat will have a bad impact on the engagement rate. The percentage of the rate will be low. This will alienate advertisers, and significantly reduce advertising price on your account.

Now you know how to cheat subscribers. You decide whether you need it or not.

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