6 Reasons Why Email Still Represents Top-Tier Tech for Today’s Businesses

If you run a business today, you’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest tech tools.

And hey, rightfully so.

Here’s the deal, though: the most powerful type of tech for business owners is more than likely right under your nose.

Yep, we’re talking about email marketing.

Email Still Represents Top-Tier Tech for Today’s Businesses

Although email has been around for decades and the landscape has certainly changed, old-school email marketing has had such staying power for a reason.

Actually, we’ve come up with six reasons why email is still absolutely crucial for the success of today’s businesses. Before sinking all of your marketing budget into social or any other sort of “shiny new toy,” consider why email deserves your attention first and foremost.

A Sky-High ROI

If there’s one aspect of email that’s been proven over the years, it’s a sky-high ROI.

Given the dirt cheap cost of sending email blasts, many businesses cite an exponential dollar-amount return for every email sent. This sort of ROI blows the likes of social media or most paid ads out of the water.

Why? Because in many ways, email is a sort of numbers game. Once you have a dedicated list of subscribers who trust your business and open your message, any given email will result in returns for next to nothing. Getting to that point takes time, but it’s the ultimate end-game of any business.

Also consider that since the space is constantly evolving with new ways for marketers to engage with their subscribers. For example, Gmail boasts its own robust ad network as noted by this guide from GMass: “Now you can deliver display-network-style ads directly into a user’s Gmail inbox.”

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Email is Universal

The beauty of email marketing is that everyone has an email address. Rather than worrying about your customers being present on a particular social platform, marketers already know that their audience has an inbox. Considering that some people check their emails more than 15 times a day, to say that modern customers engage with email is a massive understatement.

Email marketing also has an incredibly low learning curve for anyone who wants to get started. From automation platforms to cold-emailing, just about anyone can write or at least start working with email templates ASAP.

The Ability to Tap into Customers Anywhere

It’s crucial today for businesses to reach customers on-the-go. This means explicit mobile marketing and optimizing campaigns for people who are glued to their smartphones.

Here’s some food for thought: the majority of emails are sent to mobile devices. Email marketing provides the best of both worlds by allowing businesses to simultaneously reach customers regardless of their location. If an email campaign is optimized for mobile, it’s likewise desktop-friendly as well.

And again, the fact that most people check their email throughout the day means that your campaigns are capable of reaching those same customers around-the-clock.

The Rise of Automation

Another huge benefit of email marketing is the ability to automate your campaigns. This means less legwork on your part as you onboard and engage customers without having to chase them around.

Some key examples of email automation include onboarding drips and cart abandonment messages that keep your customers in your funnel. Behavior-based targeting effectively allows you to track your subscribers from Point A to Point B no matter where they are in your customer lifecycle.

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Unrestricted Reach

Whereas social media is limited by fickle algorithms, email deliverability is easy to achieve if you’re using a trusted platform and follow legal guidelines. Whether or not your emails get opened is a different story, but at least you know they’re not being hidden due to factors beyond your control.

Think about it. Let’s say you want to make an announcement to all of your customers. You have a better chance of reaching them via an active email list as social followers are inevitably bogged down with posts. Additionally, the advancement of email personalization allows businesses to drill down to specific segments of their audience versus sending one-size-fits-all messages.

Email Subscribers Signal Trust

Lastly, bear in mind that someone opting into your email list is the ultimate signal of trust. Followers and “Likes” on social media are fleeing. However, someone willingly handing over their information means that there’s intent to buy, or at the very least listen to what you have to say. This sort of trust is invaluable for building long-term business relationships.

Reality check: email is a staple of doing business online and its momentum doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. These trends and stats help solidify exactly why email is so powerful and should remain a top priority in an ever-changing marketing world. If you aren’t already on board with email marketing, ask yourself: what are you waiting for?

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