3 Things to Do Before Having Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Whether you are motivated by a need to correct breathing and other nasal problems and damages, or you simply want to enhance your nose for aesthetic purposes, there are many things to consider before having rhinoplasty surgery. Aside from going online to check rhinoplasty before and after photos, here are other things you should probably do before you undergo this surgical procedure:

  • Be informed. Before you go under the knife and get on with your planned rhinoplasty surgery, make sure that you have read up and done your research well. Dig up on the risks and benefits of this procedure. Bust some myths that might affect your decision by gathering reliable data from credible sources. Finally, know the details of the procedure so you would know what to expect come your trip to the operating room.
  • Get assessed. Once you’ve made an informed decision, find a trustworthy doctor that can walk you through the process. At the same time, get your surgeon to give you options and a preview of what approach suits your condition best. If possible, find a clinic that offers a 3-D view so you can assess if you’ll be getting the right nose for your face.
  • Do prepare. With data and doctor all ticked-off, make sure you prepare yourself and your body for the upcoming procedure. Find out what medicines to take and which ones to avoid, for better pre- and post-op results. And just like any other surgery, make sure you nourish your body by eating the right foods, and getting enough rest and sleep, to keep your system ready for the upcoming changes. Lastly, do not forget to plan ahead and anticipate healing and recovery time. Block out your schedule before and after the procedure to give yourself time to prepare and to heal accordingly.
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