Fantastic Benefits Of Mustard Oil

While we all know that mustard oil is an amazing cooking oil that is used widely in many parts of India to make delicious meals, it also has several other uses that makes it so amazing. Here we will like to share with you in details some of these amazing benefits that Mustard oil can provide you when used regularly.

Benefits Of Mustard Oil

When mustard oil is used to cook meals

If you regularly use mustard oil in your diet, then it provides several benefits to various organs of your body. However, it is important that you use only pure oil in your kitchen to get the maximum benefits. The amazing thing is that the pure mustard oil does not cost much. You can look up at the Kachi Ghani Mustard oil price online, and compare it with other popular edible oils, then you will find it to be comparatively cheaper.

1). Good for your heart: Mustard oil has high concentration of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids in such a high concentration make it very beneficial for your heart. The Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in your blood and at the same time improve the levels of good cholesterol. This helps in preventing ischemic heart.

2). Reduces the chances of cancer: Mustard oil has a high percentage of Linolenic acid which gets converted into Omega 3 fatty acids. This chemical is found to have the ability to fight cancerous cells. Experts doing research in this field have concluded that if you use mustard oil regularly in your diet then you reduce the chances of stomach cancer and colon cancer a great deal.

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3). Improve your appetite:  It has been found that mustard oil acts as a great stimulant in improving the secretion of the digestive juices. Mustard oil has some chemicals that can stimulate the secretion of digestive juices from our liver and spleens. This ensures that you get a healthy appetite whenever you use mustard oil in your diet.

4). Improve your brain function: Mustard oil is also found to be excellent for the proper functioning of the brain. There are several chemicals in this oil that are found to improve the overall functioning of the brain thereby reducing the chances of depression.

Thanks to these fantastic properties along with the competitive Kachi Ghani mustard oil price, this oil has become an excellent choice for cooking your food.

When you use mustard oil externally

We have just explained to you how useful mustard oil is when you use it to cook your food. In this part we will like to discuss with you the excellent properties of this oil when you use it externally. The superb part is that at such competitive Kachi Ghani mustard oil price, you get to enjoy so many benefits. Some of these are mentioned below.

1). An excellent massage oil: Mustard oil is a very good massage oil. If you regularly massage your skin with mustard oil then it improves the blood circulation in your muscle tissue making them supple and healthy.

The regular massage with mustard oil also clears the sweat pores of your skin. This is very important to remove the toxic chemicals from your body.

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2). Helps in managing the pain for Arthritis patients: This oil has excellent anti inflammatory properties. Patients suffering from joint pains use this oil regularly to manage their pains. Regular massaging with this oil helps to keep the internal organs of our body healthy that is why people all over the world use this fantastic oil to massage their new born baby.

3). It helps to fight skin itchiness and rashes: Mustard oil has great antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. Thanks to these properties, people use this oil to regularly rub the affected parts of their skin. If you regularly apply mustard oil to your skin rashes then you will observe that within a few days the rashes disappear.

4). A great sun protection oil:  Mustard oil can also be used as great sun screen lotion to protect your screen from the direct glare of the sunlight. It also helps in improving your skin tone considerably.The high concentration of Vitamin A, B and E in the mustard oil make it such a fantastic anti ageing lotion that not only treat your skin wrinkles but also helps in lightening your skin colour.

5). A great insecticide lotion: The heavy pungent smell of the mustard oil makes it an excellent anti insecticide oil. If you want to protect yourself from the insect bites then you should rub mustard oil all over your body and Voila! You get excellent protection from the painful bites of the mosquitoes.

6). An excellent hair oil: If you want to keep your hair healthy and prevent premature greying of your hair then you should daily rub your scalp with mustard oil. This will improve the blood circulation at the hair roots. This will improve the blood circulation at the hair roots that will in turn make them stronger.

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If you regularly rub your scalp with mustard oil then the anti fungal and bacterial property of this oil will help you to prevent dandruffs.


In addition to all these features, mustard oil can be also put to other useful uses. Some of these are listed here for your ready reference.

1). Great for controlling Asthma: Thanks to the strong pungent smell of this oil, it is used by many patients of Asthma to control their nasal blockage. Mustard oil also has a good heating property which can be used to get releif from cold. If you rub this oil on the chest of a patient suffering from chest congestion, it will give him relief.

2). Helps to keep your teeth and gum healthy: If you want to brighten your teeth and keep your gums healthy, then regularly rub them with a paste of mustard oil and salt.

Thanks to these excellent properties, mustard oil can be used in various ways to keep yourself healthy. If you have not used this oil earlier, then you can look at any online stores to compare the Kachi Ghani pure mustard oil price with other oil and order it online and start enjoying the benefits of this excellent oil.

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