The Most Popular Games Should be Played online in 2018

Online gaming is gaining popularity these days. It leads to an increased number of players as well as a noticeable boost in the number of games online. According to a recent survey there exist over 3.4 million players on different popular gaming stations.

The write-up will list you about most interesting online games that can be a good option for you to consider playing in 2018:

Online Games

  • Fortnite Battle Royale:

The game is released just a year before yet has gained the popularity amongst the top online games. It’s an easy, relaxing game available free of cost. It does not require much space on your hardware.

  • Fortunium:

The topmost online casino gaming of 2018 that can be played on your PC and smartphones in portrait mode. It is the true innovation in the traditional slots game. Though it doesn’t have a classic slot machine different unique features like that of latest video slot including free spins, win booster, implementation of wild symbols etc. If you want to go across other popular and latest online casino games you can visit

  • League Of Legends:

This game was released in the year 2009, yet has maintained its position amongst the most popular games of 2018. It is one of the commonly streamed game on twitch in the perennial powerhouse genre. This game can be played only on PC, yet it’s addictive enough to be seen in the top preferred games.

  • Hearthstone:

It’s a digital collectable game by Blizzards. There are many similar games online but it is top in the genre with over 70 million users. Even if you are not looking for a card game, this is definitely one of a kind to be checked once.

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  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive:

The game has increased popularity with its updated versions and series. It has been one of the most terrific online shooter games. From its release in the year 1999 though there is little fluctuation in the number of players yet the latest version CS: GO have over 40 million concurrent players.

  • Final Fantasy XIV:

ThisSquare Enix game had to struggle a lot in the start due to various drawbacks like poor graphics, broken gameplay, not a user-friendly interface and many more. But over the time and updations with the new server structure and revamped gameplay, it was again released in 2013. The game gave all the new playing experience having over 10 million users from 2017 and has the position amongst the top list of online games in 2018.

  • Minecraft:

This game was originally designed by a Swedish programmer Markus Notch in the year 2009. It has won several awards and is exclusively loved by the users. It was later acquired by Microsoft in the year 2014. It is played by the user both online and offline. Over 144 million copies of the games were sold. This amazing game required no advertising or marketing, it was so user oriented that mouth to mouth publicity was enough for its popularity.

  • Destiny 2 :

This game was launched in September 2017 and gained popularity in a go. It’s continued expansions led some of the users to be disappointed but its popularity remained the same in the year 2018 also.

The recent updates and forsaken expansion fixed a lot of bugs and problems faced by the users. This game is exciting to explore new places for loot, put on raids or play on crucible PVP mode including other users too. It is all over a good experience.

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Final Words:

The blog gives you the names of popular shortlisted games based on the user experience and their exciting features from different genre. Go through the write-up to find a game that suits your choice

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