How to Choose the Right Teen Detox Treatment Center

Only excruciating discomfort surrounds the knowledge that your loved one is suffering from a sort of substance addiction. It’s quite normal if you feel a sense of panic mixed with guilt for not finding out earlier. However, if you’ve never been in that position as a victim or guardian, you are surely going to feel confused about what treatment options to explore. When you are looking to help a teenager sober up, it’s important to be on the lookout for a detox center that best suits your needs. As a parent or a care giver, knowing what to look out for to get the best detox center for teens is essential. You must keep in mind that teenage is delicate phase in the life of a kid mentally, emotionally, physically and otherwise. For this reason, you must try to find only teen-friendly addiction programs. The sort and quality of treatment administered at the detox center directly affects the patient’s journey towards sobriety. Some of the factors to consider when evaluating programs and looking for the best detox center for teens include:

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Quality of Staff

When scouting for the right and appropriate treatment center for your teen, a principal factor to consider is trust. Building trust with the staff is very important. The onus is on the staff of the detox center to make you trust them, but it would help if you also had a little faith in them. From the onset, there must be some empathy because most substance addicts have trust issues.

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Take no chances, only look towards accredited rehab facilities. This means to examine facilities that have been accredited by the Joint Commission. These centers have usually gone through a stern review process by a panel of expert individuals and bodies. The accreditation certification also creates and helps the facility imbibe a culture of excellence. An accredited detox center will do all it can to maintain their ‘accredit-ability’ by delivering good on their services. This subsequently results in helping patients recover successfully and improving their long-term value. It is important to note that as far as finding a detox center for teens goes, there’s no one-shoe-fits all. Understanding the factors that make a rehab facility the right one will help you find a solution that works for your loved one.

Addiction Specific Treatment

Detox centers specialize in different cases of addiction. Some treatment centers’ specialty cover alcohol addition, some are more into drug addicts, eating, behavioral health disorders, and the list goes on. It is essential that you find a facility with trained staff to deal with the addiction you intend to treat. This will resonate well on the teen and their recovery process.

Lifestyle Considerations

When choosing a rehab center, it’s important to consider the lifestyle culture of the facility. Some facilities have different special levels of toleration for specific age groups, religious observances, LGBTQ individuals and mentally or physically disabled people.

If the facility in view specializes in an area where you’re affected, the journey to recovery becomes easier and faster for a patient in the detox center.

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Where is the facility sited? Is it located in an urban or a rural area? Is it located in a rowdy or a serene environment? These are all viable questions whose answers can decide if a facility is appropriate for an individual suffering from addiction. Patients who are looking to come out of their shells will be better catered for in a rowdy premise, and vice versa. Recovery is an arduous journey and would mostly require commitment and hard work from the individual. Solitude and peace is necessary for this journey.

Extended Care and Long-Term Programs

Extended Care is referred to as an ongoing treatment which continues after a patient has completed an initial course of rehabilitation. Usually, these can happen in many ways. From private therapy to regular attendance at self-help groups, to treatment at extended care facilities. As a support to their sobriety journey, patients are inclined to choose some form of extended care or long-term program. When looking for the right facility for a loved one, it’s important to look out for one which supports extended care programs. Hanging out with a group of people that encourage sobriety will amplify the likelihood of recovering successfully than being thrown right back in the society. Usually, how long this program lasts for is dependent on the overall progress of the patient. By using structured treatment programs, patients who are in recovery tend to find new ways of facing the daily routines of the society, away from their harmful pasts.

Finding a good detox center for teens doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you are armed with the right information. With the factors listed above, you are on the path to choosing right.

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