Beauty Tips for WomenStart your day with a glass of cool water. A physical need but also very healthy habit that you should definitely integrate into your daily routine. So why, for your skin is not the same? Listen for the winter needs and offers of everything needed with the appropriate day.

Moisture is essential for good health of the skin, which is why hydration is perhaps what care essential step, since it helps to maintain soft and supple.

Every cell of our body consists of 80% water content while the air we breathe moisture is only 1% of the total. For this reason, our body loses daily basis and significantly, moisture. The only protection is the epidermis and the acidic air that surrounds it.

Drink lots of water is good for the body in general. Even better if it”s metal, it offers salts and scrub. But beware always be washed thoroughly with lukewarm water. Something else, please scrub only when the skin needs.

Always protect your skin from the sun and wind. Use sunscreen Euratom range when you go skiing in the snow and you cream with sun protection on a daily basis. And do not forget that our skin needs protection even on cloudy days.

Get in the habit of washing your face with cold water, lean resources and gives shine and vitality.

Hydrate regularly your face when it is cold, not dry and peel.

Take them indoors. The air condition and heating generally dry atmosphere and absorb moisture from the skin. Keep your thermostat as low as possible and which lay beside the bodies of small bowls with water. Will act as humectants atmosphere.

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Sometimes let your skin breathe without makeup, and thus facilitate physical removal of dead cells.

Tips for Beautiful SkinExercise helps in better functioning of the circulatory system, causing the skin to look healthy and toned getting the nutrients it needs.

Sleep more. Your skin needs to rest sleep because evenings are the most productive for cell renewal. It is time that the skin works hard to meet the needs and to repair the damage.

Keep alcohol consumption to reasonable or lower limits. Alcohol dehydrates the entire body.

Leave your pimples quiet! Create contamination and will not find your face clean.

Relax. Stress and tension make your skin more oily and wrinkles more pronounced. Remember: your laughter embellishes and sweetens every wrinkle.

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