Making all forms of Dietary Supplements

Dietary SupplementsDietary supplements come in different packages and types. There are marketed usually in tablets, capsules, powders, drinkable ampoules, effervescent tablets, chocolates, chewing gum and as a syrup. Detail the ways to obtain the supplements are:

1. Oral (pills, powders etc.)

Advantages: Easy way to download even during training. Relatively rapid absorption. Easy to transport and use.

Cons: The time elapsed between receiving the initiation of absorption, and the activity profile are influenced by available supplement form (solution, tablet, capsule), stomach contents and download the accompanying liquid (juice, water, milk or something else).

2. Sublingual administration (drops, tablets dissolving etc.)

Advantages: It is relatively easy to use, bypassing the stomach and liver, so as to increase the amount of active substance absorbed their limited and destruction.

Cons: It usually takes a long time to remain under the tongue to deliver. They are very sensitive and they break easily. Frequent transfers workout area are not suitable because they cause lesions. It”s easy to make a mistake in usage.

3. From the nose (in spray form sprays or drops)

Advantages: more than double assimilation. Skip stomach.

Cons: Severe local irritation, possible aspiration of the lung and risk overdosage.

4. Injections (intramuscular) the formulation and the purpose for which we use.

Cons: Difficult decision. You need technical knowledge of injection and a second person would do. The use of injectable supplements is always under the guidance of a doctor.

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