Why Coffee Isn’t The Best Option For Breakfast?

Hey, coffee drinker!!! We guess that you have had your morning coffee. Right!!! Well, coffee is that drink for the coffee lovers which make them immortal. Well, this is a total misunderstanding!!! A small and a limited amount of coffee is good for health. But if you are a coffee addict, you are in great trouble. Have you ever tried to skip your breakfast for a cup of coffee? Or have you had a cup of coffee instead of a healthy breakfast thinking that it is one and the same thing? If your answer is yes, then my friend, we need to get your basics clear.



First of all, coffee should not be a substitute for your breakfast. Secondly, coffee does not have enough nutrients as compared to a healthy breakfast. In fact, the amount of nutrients that 10 cups of coffee have stands nowhere near the level of nutrients that a single plate of healthy breakfast offers. Hence, before you think about jumping off your breakfast for a cup of coffee, you need to think twice. If you have been doing so, then this may have a negative effect on your metabolism making you fatter and uglier day by day.

But, as per the rule made by nature, every problem has a solution. And this time too, for the problems faced by a coffee-only breakfast, we have a solution. What is the solution? Well, most importantly, by the law of common sense, stop having only coffee at the breakfast and start with a proper breakfast. According to a survey by the Cambridge University, almost 53% of people have a coffee-only breakfast all around the globe. In this 53%, 73% of the mass is occupied by the males and the rest are females. If we look deeper into this number of 53% it can be categorized into many sections. On the basis of job, among this 53%, 87% of the population works in the IT sector. Also, 23% of this population is below the age of 20 years. Moving forward, 78% of this population is between the age 20 and 45. The rest comes in the section of >45-year old.

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Well, seeing the math and calculations, the result will be shocking if this is not brought to an end. If you want a more proper solution, just add butter to your coffee. Yes, you heard it right!!! Adding two drops of melted and unsalted butter to your coffee will make a large difference. It will neutralize the side effects that a coffee-only breakfast causes. How? Well, the combination of butter and coffee (along with few drops of optional coconut oil) help your body to burn out the fats throughout your day in the busy schedule. Applying the law of common sense again, this will help you from turning into a fat and ugly mass.

Folks, now that you have learned the side effects of coffee-only breakfast, we are sure that you will avoid having it, only if you want to turn yourself into a fat pumpkin.

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