Chicken and Paleo Diet: Diet Fit for the Modern Day Eater

For some people, dieting is as easy as buying a new pair of jeans on a payday. For most, losing weight is as hard as climbing the highest mountain peak on the face of the planet.

You already tried cutting down on oily food. You’ve given up on pork and food high in fat and carbohydrates, and the only reward you get is intense cravings.

So what’s wrong with your present diet and routine that makes losing weight so damn hard?

Chicken and Paleo Diet

Instead of beef stew recipes, you now go for baked chicken thigh recipe because it contains less fat, oil, and calories. But the problem is you’re still not shedding the pounds.

You even cut down on what you eat and you exercise more. But still, week after week, you still couldn’t see the results of your sacrifices.

So you get demoralized and fall into your unhealthy eating patterns again.

It does seem unfair that you are already starving yourself to death with nothing to show for it.

Well, why not try the paleo diet?

The paleo diet is by far the most sensible diet, which offers results at the end of the day. It’s likened to a caveman’s diet wherein you can eat the food eaten by people from the Paleolithic era.

That means less on starch and sugar and more on protein, nutrients, and omega-3 rich food. If you love chicken, then it’s the perfect excuse to get that baked chicken thigh recipe ready for some action.

The benefits of a paleo diet are underrated, so read on and be convinced to try this diet today.

No need to worry about artificial ingredients on your food

Have you heard of a caveman adding seasoning and artificial flavoring on their food? No. Most of the time, after hunting, they cook their food directly on the fire.

This method takes away harmful artificial food additives in the food you are eating. The benefits of a paleo diet here is incomparable. It’s clean eating all the way. No additives. No artificial flavoring. Just plain, clean food.

You don’t have to worry about getting stuffed and bloated.

With less salt into your diet and substituting the same with more water and fiber, you don’t have to worry about bloated tummy again! Say hello to flatter abs!

You get more nutrients.

With the paleo diet, you get more fruits and vegetables, so you automatically get the right amount of nutrients you need.

Just imagine yourself still stuck in the “low calorie, more exercise” paradigm. You may eat 1,200 calories worth of Doritos and stay 24 hours in the gym.

You’re technically observing the right weight loss principle, but you’re not getting the right nutrients your body needs. The benefits of a paleo diet in terms of nutrient intake and absorption are commendable in this respect.

To enjoy food even on a strict paleo diet, it’s great to experiment with the menu. For delectable, flavorful, and healthy chicken recipes, check out Valentina’s Corner. Valentina’s baked chicken recipes only need a 10-minute prep time so you can prepare your food even if you’re extremely busy.

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