How Prohormones Came to Be an Option in Bodybuilding and Sports

If you have been a dedicated sports fan, then you know how serious an offence it is for an athlete to be caught up in a doping scandal. Over the years, some athletes and body builders have been known to usesteroids to improve their performance and grow their muscles. Luckily, over the years scientists have developed chemical compounds that trigger the production of testosterone and work just as well assteroids would. The best part is that prohormonesare not only legal but also safe to use.

Prohormones are very adaptable and are known to offer incredible benefits to world-class athletes and regular body and muscle building enthusiasts. Some of these benefits include increased muscle mass, higher libido, higher strength and endurance levels and over the top athletic performance among other benefits.

Prohormones in Bodybuilding and Sports

In fact, when purchasing your legal prohormone, you should know that they are an ideal substitute to steroid cycles; ideal because of the fact that they have less risks, are legal and have been tested and proven to be safe for muscle builders. However, as a newbie, you might face challenges when it comes to choosing and/or using prohormones.

Well, here are some of the most sought after Prohormones that are known to cause massive muscle mass growth;

  • Epistane– These idyllic prohormonesare great forfirst timers. With their non-methylated PH form, these types of prohormoneshave a very strong anti-estrogen compound. Its ability to bond on testosterone hormone or androgen receptors is 12 times more powerful. The Epistane prohormones have the ability to build muscle mass faster if accompanied by the right diet. Experts say that the most common muscle gains are between 8 to10 kg per cycle with a dose of 20-30 mg a day.
  • Methylstenbolone– This type of prohormonesare also known as M-Sten. Basically, they contain a pretty new compound designed for increase in muscle mass, strength, endurance and overall body volume. Although the muscle gains effects are not so recognizable, you can rest assured that they of high quality. In fact, due to their guaranteed safety of use, these prohormonesare becoming quite popular among folks, both professional athletes and bodybuilders and regular folk.
  • Trenavar– These prohormonesare also made from a relatively new PH compound. The good news is that they are 10 times more powerful than androgenic steroids. Anyone who has tried these types of prohormonescan attest to the fact that they are effective in muscle mass growth, increasing muscle density and also ensuring that users have sufficient blood supply to their muscles.
  • Halodrol– These prohormonesare definitely beginners’ PH intended for anyone aiming to purely grow their muscles and enhance strength.However, it is also important to make it known that Halodrol also has a positive impact on blood supply. Therefore, if you are looking for prohormonesthat will give you a good boost in your pre competition periods as a body builder, then Halodrol is just perfect.
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