Female Emancipation Seriously Harms Sex

female emancipation harms sex
Female Emancipation

The emancipation of women hurt in romantic relationships. The professional and social independence of the so-called “fair sex” anymore and as evidenced by scientific research has caused the alternation of roles. Women were hunters and preys men.

However, according to research, conducted in men and women from 30 to 50 years (high social status), the powerful sex not “likes” particularly emancipated women.

Female Emancipation Seriously Harms Sex

Asked about what they most dislike about the modern woman, 7 in 10 (73.4%) reported aggression as highly negative. Below: the “weak partner” with 54%, the “poor mother” with 47.3%, and the “polygamy” with 18.7% and “poor households” with 14%.

As shown by the research men insist traditional. Moreover, women there did not resist men who … forget about the male temperament.

To the question “What do you most dislike about modern man,” 7 out of 10 answered the “failure of initiative.” 7 to 10 also do not appreciate the “lack of confidence”, 5 on the 10 “low sociability” and approximately 41.3%, bothered by the lack of macho image.

Nevertheless, indicative of current trends is that in periods of absence of permanent sexual partner, 4 in 10 women go to bars to find the “prey” who are interested. In contrast, men are resorting to internet (20.7%) on orders swinging through agencies (13.3%), limited to online sex (7.4%) or just visiting, a brothel (6%).

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