Select the Type of Food According To Our Time

Type of FoodNot all the same hour. Moreover, especially when it is related to our diet when we eat must be directly related to what kind of food we prefer.

Before exercising
Whether you”re exercising to wake up

or after work, it must do so on an empty stomach. Need a good source of energy, such as carbohydrates and proteins. You can eat a bowl of cereal with oats, a banana, a muffin with peanut butter. Following gymnastics Once complete program of exercise, the body itself has other needs. A glass of milk one of the best sources of energy, which helps to regenerate muscles. If you prefer milk chocolate, not bad. Anyway, the calories you have already burned.

Express Lunch
Whether you eat in between leg meeting, either among children”s toys, one thing is certain: all you quickly rushed and stressful. Nevertheless, you do not need to resort to junk food. Enjoy a sandwich with whole grain bread, turkey, crackers with hummus, boiled eggs or a tuna salad.

Evening snack
if I came home late and want a “katitis” before you go to bed, make sure it is something light and healthy. What is better than a bowl of milk and cereal or toast with cheese and turkey? The dreams are guaranteed fresh.

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