Dining Etiquette Guide- The Proper Table Manners

The proper table manners

The proper observance of table manners is best if one takes into account that good table manners is not a means of self-expression, but are designed to make the joint consumption of food for everyone to enjoy, which are not affected by disturbing noises or unpleasant sights allowed.

Customs and traditions

In Western culture is therefore the smacking and burping frowned upon (unlike, say, in China) – as the slurping. Is that not talking with your mouth full, is well known. It is therefore advisable to stuff not too big portions in the mouth in order to answer a question immediately. The posture should be upright and straight, and the food to the mouth and the mouths are fed to plate. the-proper-table-manners

Both hands are on the table – to the wrist, . rather than to the elbow, and even then not when a break occurs between courses , it is indispensable – even in everyday family life – that you just washed hands, hair combed and clean clothing sets to the table.

Dealing with cutlery

The cutlery is not umkrallt like a heavy tool, but at the lower end of the handle comprises. Noises that may arise in the contact of metal with porcelain should be avoided. If one uses not the cutlery, it is crossed on the plate, with the fork back facing up, signaling that one with the food is not ready yet. The termination will be shown by the fact that you set the parallel sets, the fork back down and has now passed with the knife is the cutting diagonally to fork on the plate. Once in use, the utensils must not touch the tablecloth.

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Importantly, the cutlery may only be used for portioning of food and for no other purpose, so as not to contribute to a conversation more robust.

What do you eat with your hands?

With your hands will only eat very few foods, under the difficult food is discussed. Chicken legs are not among them. If in doubt you will look around on the table, if there are finger bowls with warm water and a piece of lemon, indicating that a “finger court” is offered.Table Manners

As the napkin use takes

the napkin is a napkin, a handkerchief, not a lens cloth, etc. no wipe will therefore only be used to dab her lips before grabs the wine glass to be at the edge of any grease or food scraps leave. It is placed on the lap, once you have taken a seat, put not in the shirt collar or button placket of the shirt, because this allows the suspicion that the person is not carrying able to eat without mishap to the plate to mouth.

After finishing the meal, the napkin (even if it is a paper napkin) crumples not thrown on the last disc but left loose placed beside the plate. You should like to have a very clean at heart page, but not to be folded carefully in order to avoid the suspicion it were accepted that it would use the next day.

The Napkin is only to be used for the mouth

Glasses correctly

the wine glasses are touched on a stick to the content not to heat up unnecessarily because if you give up the custom of stumbling will not, so is a pleasant sound.

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in cosmopolitan circles today is often but the custom of stumbling , and the like of Zuprostens waived. Rather, each begins to taste the beverage, which may not be to barely having taken place, tumble down the first glass. Also swallows you empty your mouth before you start drinking.

Choosing the right wine

Rule of thumb for the selection of the wine may be true that white meat and fish, white wine with red meat and white wine is drunk, but is not this rule immutable and ultimately everyone should drink the wine, which he likes and gets.

Standards are offered at different courses different wines, so this may no longer be consumed by one another.

How to take your bread

Bread of any kind will be cut under any circumstances, but broken with the hands into bite size pieces and always individually and not on supply. The blade is exclusively for the purpose, the piece of bread with the appropriate coating. Provided butter to cheese, etc.

To bread is a modest, but still part of the food and therefore not meant to play with him or even beads of it shapes.

Offer and serving

for the ritual of offering slinging grits and the individual gears and drinks, there is a rule that all food – except for soups – are offered by the left or taken, whether it is set at empty plates for the next or ready-achieving individual plate is, or plates and bowls that are offered. In all cases, that is, who are left out of a bowl, etc., it may take.

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good-table-mannersIn the latter case one should therefore not transport the food in question from any remote location of the table on its own plate, but they left his plate and place for taking the Servierbestecks and not use their own cutlery. wines and other drinks are available from the right side and poured. If no staff present, takes over the host this task;. Consummate fashion by rising up and the ladies served first . From the right side will also use the plates cleared “completely silent” When this is done, decide which housewife is bad. Style after you are done with the course, your own plate to push away from you in middle of the table, signaling that it could now go further.

When the food starts

Should only be administered with food if the housewife herself has begun starting itself only so that, when all the guests are supplied.

It is obvious that it can easily come in a larger number of visitors to that then the guest of honor, or whoever was served first, its delicious food cools half encounters. For this reason, should the plates and bowls are necessarily preheated as well as possible.

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