Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

Do you want to have exclusive rights over an idea or invention? Do you want to protect your rights over an intangible asset?

Artists, inventors, and musicians can protect their original work through legal protection called intellectual property rights.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

Generally, intellectual property has twomajor categories:

  • Industrial property. This refers to the patent of industrial design, invention, a trademark or geographical design.
  • Copyright. This is particularly applicable to the artists’ work. This can be a song, painting, novel, play, or sculpture, among other things.

Getting a patent or copyright registration does not only protect your intellectual property. It is more than that. Holding one means that you are protecting a business asset, as well.

Imagine owning one of the biggest international brands today. What could have happened if you did not decide to have your trademark patented?

Having the intellectual property right over your trademark means that no other person or entity can ever use it. You have an exclusive right over it. Thus, if someone would insist on using it without your expressed permission, they are liable under the law for copyright infringement.

On the other hand, another person or company may use your work if your permission is secured. It could be a mutual benefit to both parties in case of royalties or the percentage of income earned.  This can be a revenue stream for you and your company because you are “selling” them the license to use it.

If you are not familiar with how you can register your trademark, patent lawyers can help you. You can look for the top patent attorneys in your area so that you can finally jumpstart the process.

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The lawyers will guide you as you file your much-awaited intellectual property right registration.

Here are some of the things your patent attorneys can help you with:

  • Legal advice. Top patent attorneys are experts in intellectual property. They are capable of giving you a piece of sound legal advice when it comes to your patent registration. They guide you, therefore, every step of the way.
  • Explain. Laws have their technicalities and nuances in terms of interpretation. Patent lawyers help you digest what the IP laws want to say. They will explain the legal rules to you in a manner you can understand. They give simple explanations of technical terms and statements.

Meanwhile, if you have the patent already but you think your right was somehow violated, you can hire them, too. Here are the things they can do for you:

  • Protection. Hiring the top patent attorneys means that you have allies in protecting your rights.
  • Legal representation. Your legal partners represent you when your case is being heard in courts. They can present your concerns and fight for your rights.
  • Evidence-gathering. Your patent attorneys know what pieces of evidence to gather. They will also conduct much-needed research to make your case more valid.

According toStatista, the number of patent applications has been rising over the years. In 1990, there were only 997,501 applications filed. In 2017, the figure jumped to 3,168,900 or a leap of 218 percent.

Do you want to know the country with the best intellectual property environment? It is the United States.

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