Self-Defense Strategies for Women

One survey reports that 35.6% of women in the United States experienced stalking, physical violence, and rape by an intimate partner. Another survey reported that 99% of women experienced street harassment, including grabbing and assault. Molestation, rape, abuse, kidnapping, and murder are just some of the common crimes against women.

These statistics show just how essential it is for women to learn how to defend themselves. It’s important to clarify that it’s never their fault, but women should still be careful. Even if a woman has never experienced any situation that made them feel uncomfortable and unsafe, it doesn’t hurt to be careful always.

The world is a dangerous place, and having the right gear and strategy can save one’s life during emergencies. Here are some ways to help women defend themselves in precarious times.

Self-Defense Strategies for Women

1. Enroll in a self-defense class

Generally, men are seen as the stronger sex, while women are meek and small. There is still a way for women to protect themselves even with their small build. They can enroll in a jujitsu class, which is a sport to maximize your strengths.

Participating in a self-defense class will teach a woman better safety strategies. The goal is not to stay and fight, but rather to defend, attack, and get away to find help.

Self-defense classes will teach women to focus and aim for the attacker’s vulnerable places – nose, eyes, throat, and groin. Learning self-defense allows women to avoid being injured or hurt in an attack.

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2. Buy safety gadgets

A personal protection device is an important safety tool for every woman. One must never leave the house without any personal protection device.

Personal safety tools can assist women in finding the help they need more quickly. Some devices like D.A.D.® 2 (Defense Alert Device) can secretly send an “I am in danger” alert.

Other devices, such as pepper spray, can help women disorient their attackers. Whatever the safety tool does, it can help make a huge difference.

3. Trust your instincts 

A woman’s instinct can always be trusted. People who have previously found themselves in unsafe situations typically can’t forget the traumatic experience. If something doesn’t feel right, leave as soon as possible. Instincts can be the best detector of danger.

Try to ask for help or alert someone immediately. If leaving isn’t possible, don’t make yourself an easy target. Make smart choices and stay away from danger.

4. Use the element of surprise 

Most attackers assume that a woman can’t defend themselves. Take this as an advantage. Entice the attacker to lower their defenses and drop their guards. Use non-confrontational stance and verbal skills. Once they have their guards down, disorient them or flee as fast as possible.

5. Report to the authorities

The fight isn’t over unless the danger is eliminated. All incidents must be reported to the authorities. They can help deal with the attackers and give appropriate punishment for their heinous acts. Fair or not, women are always considered as prime targets for predators and criminals. Learning how to defend one’s self may just save their lives.

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