Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Beautiful Nail Tips

There is no woman, but a man who does not want to have beautiful and healthy nails. Everyday our hands and especially our nails inconvenience various necessary tasks inside and outside the home, such as manual labor, cleaning, tidying, washing dishes, etc. This situation can create many problems in our fingernails, because of lack of essential nutrients so your nails will break.

Read how you can keep your nails healthy, strong and beautiful, just follow some simple and easy tips:

1. Keep your nails hydrated: Use hand cream that indicates that protects the nails. Additionally you can improve your care, using special oil for nails that softens cuticles.

2. Always wear for housework latex gloves or rubber: Many women find it unnecessary to use gloves for housework and particularly for washing dishes, making your nails will get scratches and breaking.

Nail Health Tips

3. Get rid of the dead cells of your hands: Use warm water to wet your hands and then rub the coarse table salt for a few minutes to remove any dead cells from the skin. Wash hands thoroughly with clear water.

4. Dry your hands thoroughly after each wash: This is very important for the skin of your hands, but also for the health of your nails.

5. Increase your intake of B vitamins: You can do this with paraphernalia from the pharmacy containing biotin (vitamin B7), important for nail growth.

6. Add calcium to your diet: A cup of milk and an egg to your daily menu can do wonders for the health of your nails. This way you can get rid of annoying and white spots on fingernails are caused by zinc deficiency.

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7. Cutters near your nails: Trim and file your nails into shape slightly oval rather than round. The ideal size is too short, so that the nail to cover just the tip of the finger or protrude no more than 3 mm and that.

Healthy Nail Tips

8. Massage your nails: Massage improves the quality of the nails and makes them more powerful and durable. To do this it is sufficient to spread a little oil on medium nails and rub with your fingertips to spread the oil around the cuticle. Leave a few minutes to act and pass your fingers with a cotton pad soaked with toner.

9. Avoid using acetone: discolor your nails with Nail polish remover without, because the acetone dehydrates, making them weak and brittle. Carefully remove all traces of varnish (if any) and let your hands soak in a little warm water to which you add the lemon juice. Vitamin C and the acid in the lemon have a bleaching effect and help to keep your nails white and strong.

10. Important advice prior to painting your nails: Before painting first pass a nutrient base and wait to dry. This process is important and we should always follow to protect the nail from the aggressive action of color.

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