Depression: What you need to know?

All of us sometimes feel sadness, especially if you are experiencing conditions such as a hangover (or fear thereof), debt, family problems, a chronic illness, bereavement.

The depression takes many forms and affects everyone differently. In its mildest form can generate low mood leading everything done with difficulty and seem insipid. In its most severe form, depression can lead to the abandonment of the will to live (clinical depression).

Symptoms of depression

The depression affects us emotionally, physically and socially. Symptoms include low mood, with a sense of inner emptiness and without any interest or pleasure in things and people. Self-esteem and confidence lead to negative thoughts, guilt, and difficulty in concentration, decision-making, and memory loss. Changes in appetite and sleep lead to exhaustion. The pinnacle of these feelings can lead to suicidal acts or thought termination of life.

To be diagnosed that someone has depression, should be experiencing at least five of these asthma symptoms all day, every day for more than two consecutive weeks. In this case, it is necessary to monitor health.
The causes of depression

There is not a specific cause for the beginning of the depression. There are biological factors such as hormonal disorders (thyroid gland), psychological causes such a stress, bereavement or a physical attack, some features of our personality (the melancholic man), the way we grew up (surveys show that children of depressed parents have a predisposition).

What can I do to help myself to depression?

There are many drug and psychological treatments and surveys show that the combination of the two is effective. However, we can do our own things to deal with our feelings, just try to find the motivation and energy.

  • Write down all your negative thoughts and feelings down on paper; think about what you would advise a friend. Try to follow your advice.
  • Replace the negative thoughts and feelings in a more positive depression-causesand more affectionate.
  • Begin to repeat positive suggestions confirmation busting out words like “never, no, no.” A more positive attitude towards life gives hope and strength as opposed to a more negative attitude.
  • Steer clear of the depression; you learn to say “I am depressed” instead “I”m depressed”.
  • Methods of relaxation (yoga, meditation).
  • Try to work out and do little things to make you feel better about yourself. Be careful while your personal hygiene and appearance as well as your diet.
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Remember that depression acts like a vicious circle, the more I feel the more depressed you become depressed.

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