Differences Between Usb C And Thunderbolt 3

With a major group of seven companies began the development phase of USB standard in 1994, they plan to have created a universal standard interface, making it easier to connect PCs to external devices. In this span of over 20 years, USB interface has changed drastically. With the latest reveal from Apple, the MacBook pros, there has been wide adoption ranges. So, it is quite fair to say that the USB landscape is up for a shift.

Differences Between Usb C And Thunderbolt 3


More about USB C:

Before you get right into usb c thunderbolt hub, learning more about the item separately will make sense. For that, let’s just stat y knowing more about USB C. it is basically known as a plug’s shape. Previously, the market houses USB 1 and USB 2, as you can see in Android charging sets. Now, the technology moved from there to USB 3, where the standard USB A remains same with backward compatibility without adapter use. Now, the USB C is new connector standard, which is around the third of size of old USB A plug.

  • This single connector connects external hard drive to PC or for charging laptop, like MacBook.
  • It has one tiny connector which can fit right into mobile devices.
  • It can further work as a powerful port, designed to connect to all laptop based peripherals.
  • Apart from that, it is also made reversible to boot. Therefore, there is no need to fumble around with connector in wrong way.

Even though the shape is a bit similar, the lightning port from Apple is quite proprietary and will not work with superior USB C connector. Lightning ports had limited acceptable other than Apple products. But, thanks to USB C, it is going to be obscure just like firewire.

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Now for Thunderbolt 3:

Thunderbolt 3 is a super set of capabilities, which will run on USB 3 connectors and even on similar cables. It helps in bringing Thunderbolt to USB C. it happens to be the latest technology for connecting external devices to PC and is naturally replacing Firewire as standard connection for any pro video devices and audio recording interfaces.

  • Thunderbolt has been co-designed by Intel and Apple and is made to daisy chain around 6 devices all at once. Then you have the Thunderbolt 3, which can offer around 10-100 watts to those 6 devices.
  • The latest one in the lot is used for adding some important capabilities and features like reduced power consumption, 40Gbps bandwidth and more.
  • It helps in providing extra information, which can be up to or even including 2 60 Hz 4 K displays.
  • Even the new MacBook from Apple boasts around four of these Thunderbolt 3 connectors for offering you with expandable potentiality, which was hard to see with some of the other products in the past.

The points will clarify that USB C and Thunderbolt 3 are more or less connected to one another. There are some slight differences available, which end up making the changes. So, try to check out the features in details before using one.


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