Taking care of Wrinkles and Expression

Women have the habit of taking care of wrinkles and expression in the eyes, lips and neck, but the rest of the body?

Some brands of cosmetics and anti-aging creams launched their body, very similar to regular moisturizers or exfoliating you know. However, these creams increase the production of collagen and the renewal cells absorb liquids in the deep layers of the skin.

Taking care of Wrinkles and Expression

Taking care of wrinkles and expression

The major difference is that moisturizers hydrate the body than traditional and retain moisture in the anti-aging creams for the skin of the body to reduce wrinkles and increase firmness.

The arms, chest, neck, inner thighs are the areas that deserve repeated. Ideally, in these areas more prone to wrinkles, anti-aging creams applied at least twice a day and always after swimming in a circular motion.

To choose the best anti-aging cream for the body, you must be attentive to the good packaging assets in the face of the body are different. You should try to renew ingredients retinaldehyde your cells, acid hyaluronic to absorb water, carnosine and vitamin C, which are antioxidants and prevent aging.

Remember that anti-aging creams do not protect the skin against the sun, one of the factors that lead to premature aging of the skin. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on sun-exposed areas such as the legs, hands, arms and neck. Prevention is always better than cure.

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