An Active Body And Brain Linked With Reduced Dementia Risk: Study

The latest study found that higher cumulative lifetime cognitive reserve (CR) minimized the risk of dementia. A research team from the Tianjin Medical University, China, was involved in this study. They wanted to study whether amassing over a lifetime of cognitive and social activities are associated with a sluggish rate of memory loss, therefore, a lower threat of developing dementia, in spite of brain pathologies.

Active Body And Brain Linked With Reduced Dementia Risk

The research is published in the journal JAMA Neurology. It highlights that older people with the maximum lifespan CR had about 39% reduced dementia threat compared to those with the lowest scores. In spite of having Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or vascular pathology, there was lower dementia threat if the older individual had high scores in lifespan CR. According to scientists, this CR hypothesis can be expressed as a compensatory method to cope with age-associated brain damage.

On a similar note, scientists disclosed that they have created what looks to be the most comprehensive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan ever taken of the human brain anatomy. This scan was done on a donated brain of an anonymous deceased patient. A persistent 100 Hours of scanning with one of the most superior MRI machines offered the world with an extraordinary view of the structures that make thought itself possible.

This research was led by Brian L. Edlow, who is a Neuroimaging Scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital. In this research, scientists explain how they carried out the recording of their ultra-high-resolution MRI dataset of the ex-vivo sample. This research offered a novel view of the human brain’s “3-dimensional neuroanatomy.” At present, this paper has not yet been peer-reviewed. However, the research team decided to share their dataset with people who are interested in the study community. And the research is already grabbing major attention.

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