Reasons Why Businesses Moved from Traditional to Cloud Backup

MySQL backup has never been this easy. Data has always played a significant role in organizations. That has called for businesses to do everything in their power to protect data. It all started with the use of conventional data storage methods. That includes the use of tapes, DVDs and so on. However, as technology advances, a significant change has been seen in the way people are doing things.

Moved from Traditional to Cloud Backup

One of the areas is cloud computing. As time goes by more and more businesses are seen moving from traditional to cloud backup. But why is that?

  1. Remote access

The reason why most companies are choosing cloud backup over traditional backup is due to the flexibility that comes with it. For instance, for you to access backup that has been done on a hard drive or a tape, you have to be where the tape has been stored. The case with cloud backup is different. The fact that the managers can be able to access backup even when overseas makes it the ideal option.

It has created flexibility such that employees do not have to be at the office for them to be able to work.

  1. Cost advantage

Cloud backup is way cheaper than traditional backup methods. Take this, for example; a traditional backup will require the organization to invest in hardware for storage. Hard drives can be expensive especially of you are dealing with big data. More so, you will always have to purchase the hardware as the business grows to have enough to accommodate the growing data too.

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For organizations that have branches, cloud backup is a life saver. The management does not have to spend on recruiting another IT team as the data can be handled remotely. It is also important to note that the more the hardware, the more the space that will be consumed. This has also saved the organization the money that they would have otherwise spent in renting space. The beauty of cloud computing is that you only get to pay for the storage you need if you have to.

  1. No need to invest in fireproof storage

online backup

With cloud backup, you do not have to form another layer of protection by purchasing waterproof and fireproof safes to keep your storage medium out of harm’s way. Also, you do not need to monitor the storage rooms constantly. Your data is safe in the cloud provided you encrypt it before storage and keep the passwords safe.

  1. Scalability

As aforementioned, one of the most significant advantages of doing cloud back up is its scalability. Your data will always grow. With that, you will be required to make adjustments to accommodate the new data. It can be hectic if you are using a traditional data backup plan. With cloud backup, it is a piece of cake. All you will be required to do is get additional storage which is something that can be done in a matter of a few minutes.

  1. Security

It is evident that your data is better off in the cloud as opposed to external storage devices like a flash disk.  You could easily lose a flash disk. DVDs are also delicate, and they could easily be damaged. If you have stored data in your PC, it could also be stolen, and you will end up losing your data. That is not something that you will have to worry about with cloud backup. There is no risk of losing your data to disasters such as fires and floods.

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Also, your data is protected from a breach at the premises.

  1. Recovery time

With cloud backup, you will not have an extended downtime. This is unlike when disaster strikes if you are using a traditional backup. It could take weeks before everything is back to normalcy. Cloud data restoration will not require the procurement of hardware to restore the damaged one to start the recovery. Restoration for traditional backup will also be expensive as there will be so much to repair. This will further prolong the process.

 The downtime will also be less and save your business from making losses or even losing clients. If you have not embraced cloud backup, then you are missing the point. Go cloud and keep your data safe.

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