Detective Services and the Important Role It Plays In Forensic Investigation

Detective services and forensic investigation, both plays a vital and wide role in solving any criminal case. Forensic services work on different levels applying the multiple disciplines of science such as chemistry, physics, biology, computer science etc.

Forensic Investigation

Before moving towards the role of detective services in forensic investigation, it is important to know, what is “Forensic Investigation”?

It’s a type of investigation which is done with the involvement of science and technology, an effective and critical pillar of a civil society. There are many challenges in its path but still it is trusted for accurate results, credibility of whole legal system depends on forensic test reports. So, it becomes important to strengthen the forensic department.

During any crime scene, all the physical evidences collected are first sent to forensic laboratories and then the results are presented in court. It also plays a critical role in solving domestic and even international incidents. There are different types of Forensic investigation such as;

Detective Services and the Important Role

Forensic Biology/DNA

Since late 1980s, forensic biology has played an important role in solving cases. Along with finger print scanning, the DNA profiling is also very common technique, as the DNA of every individual is different. DNA profiling is done based on sample collected for saliva, blood, skin, semen, urine, hair etc.

Controlled Substances

It includes substances that has the potential to abuse, such as “street drugs”. This technology is used to identify the drug abuse and fight the drug-based violence.

Forensic Toxicology

In continuation with drug abuse, it is used to analyses the biological samples for the presence of toxins and drugs. This report provides the exact details of the type and quantity of drug used which can further be helpful in deciding the potential effect of the substance on individual’s death, illness, or physical/mental impairment.

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Forensic Anthropology

It is used to find out the exact age, height, gender, and ancestry of any individual in case of compromised human remains or when only skeletons are available.

Forensic Pathology and Medicolegal Death Investigation

This investigation is done to find out the real reason of death, for instance the identification of wounds pattern to decide the weapon used. Also, it helps in deciding whether the death is natural, criminal or accidental.

Cyber Forensics

As the name suggest, analyzing the digital evidences is known as Cyber forensic. The evidences that are related or found in computers and digital storage, such as pen drives, hard disks etc. Mostly used to find out the evidences during cybercrimes.

Trace Evidence

Those evidences which are transferred between people, objects and environment during a crime scene. It helps in finding a link between suspect and the victim.

Forensic science and detective services.

Forensic science is basically contacted in big crime scenes. There are two types of detectives involved in these cases, one is hired by a government authority to solve the case, another one is private detectives, but the ratio of case with involvement of private detective in big crime cases are less.

Why you should hire a private investigator?

A detective agent will reach at crime scene, investigate the evidences and preserve those evidences from any misuse. Every tiny thing that is present at crime scene is important and collected for research which will help in further investigation at lab.

As per the requirement and nature of case, the enquiry is processed. If the witness is available, they take their statement which is important in case of a criminal investigation. On the basis of these statements they start investigating the case.

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Crime scene investigation are crucial and sometime required expert testimony in legal proceedings. They explain which type of evidences are found on the scene and what it indicates, how a victim was died or who was responsible for it. In these cases, the court ask the investigator to come and present the case and give his testimony. So, if you had hired a private detective you will have an edge in your case and he will not try to modify the witnesses or evidences, instead he will try to find more and more evidences on your favor.

Cooperating with Other Law Enforcement 

Crime scenes investigator works closely in contact with others involved in the case such as detectives, prosecutors, police etc. A good coordination and relation is crucial to crime-solving, as the different parties collect different information and when they pool their knowledge they can develop the real reasons and theories behind the crime.

They can seek for each other helps, such as a detective can ask a crime scene investigator to conduct specific tests, such as to compare DNA or fingerprints. Similarly, there are few scenarios when police can’t go and collect the information, but the detective can easily collect that piece of information. This is how detective agencies in Delhi plays an important role in forensic investigations.

There are so many detective agencies in Delhi but when it’s about the forensic investigation be careful in selecting because it requires lab support and every agency would not be able to support you with this facility. So, make sure to recheck few parameters before hiring detective agencies in Delhi.

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License of the Detective Agency –Don’t forget to ask for the license, the license is the proof of their authenticity.

Tools and Techniques used in Surveillance –Most important to know the tools they are using otherwise you will waste your money in vain.

Experience in the Field of Investigation –Knowledge is directly proportional to the experience. Every case is new in its type and comes with a new learning. So, keep a check on the years spent and number of cases solved.

Surveillance during private investigation, especially in forensic investigation is not an easy task. It demands lot of commitment along with a good business association. For an investigator a professional business association serves as a good networks, links, resources, and learning. Therefore, select wisely a trustable detective agency in Delhi to solve your case.

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