Things You Shouldn’t Pack Into Freight Shipping Boxes

Things You Shouldn't Pack Into Freight Shipping Boxes


In the case of shipping, freight boxes are adaptable to each type of load. That’s important for efficient packing of the shipment and its easier transportation. Rational preparation can save you some money, especially if you send your stuff on long distance.For example, on Shipped online, you can inform about prices of transportation in shipping containers.

Although these boxes are useful, you can’t use them to carry everything. In general, you know what you should take with you, and what you can transport separately. However, some of the things we will mention may surprise you. There are some rules for packing shipping boxes that you should follow for your own, but also for general, safety.


Food, in any form, should not be placed in shipping containers. You probably could transport cans and hermetically sealed ingredients, but try to avoid this. Every food is prone to spoil, especially in fresh and frozen form. So do not pack it into storage containers, especially during hot days.

It may seem like a good idea to put all foods from your freezer and refrigerator in shipping containers so you can clean them before moving. It’s a big no-no, for a few reasons. The first thing, as we have said, is the possibility of food being spoiled. You never know how long your items will stay in containers, so don’t risk it.

Then, there is an unpleasant odor that many foods release due to inadequate storage. You certainly don’t want your clothes and linen to smell like moldy cheese or frozen fish. And the third, but not the least important reason – the food attracts the pests. Do not be surprised if after a few days you find bugs or rats inside the container. Except it’s not pleasant to see them, they can damage your stuff.

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Therefore, before moving, find a better way to get rid of food. Unopened cans can always be donated to a charity institution or animal shelter; you can feed stray cats and dogs, or you can use them to make a ‘goodbye’ lunch for your neighbors.

Hazardous Things

You probably know that explosive, flammable, and toxic load should be packed and transported in appropriate security boxes. Luckily, in the average household, there are not many such substances. However, people can possess chemical items like paint, acetone, gasoline, etc. that also belong to hazardous materials. You should keep them in original packages, not in various cans, bottles or canisters. If you do not have those, then you may need to learn more about other safe storage options for safely containing these materials.

Moving companies, or those just renting equipment such as shipping containers, have regulations that strictly prohibit the transport of dangerous things. On most hazardous substances, you can see the danger label; it’s there for a good reason.

Also, the transport of firearms (or any other weapons) in shipping boxes is explicitly prohibited without permission. Even when it comes to collector items. The reason for this is the law that varies from state to state. Before you decide on this step, ask about the federal and state regulative. Useful information about moving companies’ rules about transportation of guns and ammo find here.

Plants and Animals

Things You Shouldn't Pack Into Freight Shipping Boxes

Changing of living place is not stressful just for you, but also for your pets. While it’s almost certain that you won’t put a dog or a cat in a shipping box and container when moving, some may think that transport of less demanding pets (such as fishes, hamster or parrots) is possible in this way.

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No, it’s not safe, and often can be devastating for them.Tinny animals may be disturbed by the lack of air, dark, or other boxes can fall on them. Frequent shaking can bother them too. The safest way to transport a little pet in the moving process is to keep them in the appropriate cages that you will carry with you.

People often treat plants as a dead thing, so they simply pack those pots in a shipping box and transport them that way. Like every living creature, plants need air, sunlight, and water. It can pass days and weeks until you move, and if you left them in storage container just like that, they’ll wilt.

If you pack pets or plants in shipping boxes without informing your movers, you may have a lot of problems, and you can get them in trouble too. There are specific requirements that you must meet if you cross state or federal border with plants and animals. In the case of pet transport, you need special documentation and the approval of the veterinarian.

Items of Personal Importance and Sentimental Value

We will complete the list of things you should not transfer in shipping containers with items of personal importance and sentimental value, documentation of any kind, and valuables. Common sense tells you to always bring things like cash, checks, credit cards, jewelry, and watches with you.

If you don’t know how to pack your jewelry, learn from this source:

You may be wondering why you can’t transport your photo albums or birth certificates in shipping boxes and moving containers. Who needs those? When moving, people usually travel in their car, while shipping containers are transported with trucks or vans. You’ll never know who can get and abuse of your personal stuff. For the same reason, you shouldn’t pack computers, laptops, or any memory device where you store important data.

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Freight shipping boxes are handy things. When moving, packing and organizing your stuff, these boxes will help you to arrange your stuff better and accelerate the entire process. Proper packaging and labeling are part of a well-planned move.Also, it will be easier for you to unpack them when you arrive at your new home.

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