5 Ways Of Reducing Paper Usage In Office

Global warming is a threat to human life. It is caused by environment pollution like disposal of paper, cutting of trees and other factors. If you are environmentally conscious, influence your team to avoid its infection.

For example, if all offices reduced printing documents, a lot of trees would be saved. If you are wondering how you’ll be sharing information without printing, the answer is virtual printing. A virtual printer is a device designed virtually that mimics the real printer. It’s ideal in the sense that, instead of outputting information on physical paper, it produces PDF, Google Doc, or any form you prefer.

Consequently, you can share the information with the relevant people in your organization. Indeed, paper-reduction in offices is possible,below are some of the solutions.

Ways of Reducing Paper Usage in Office

Ways of Reducing Paper Usage in Office

  1. Print on both side of the paper

If you must print a document, use both sides of a page. This will reduce paper usage by half. Also, avoid using colored ink because it uses more ink. Also, if you have to create a memo which should be filed, use a short paper. Alternatively, you can use a virtual printer to prepare the note then send a copy to each member of the organization as pdf.

  1. Store the file digitally

Instead of printing papers and storing them in bulk as a backup, consider virtual printing. It will convert the data to pdf or PCL. Instead of automatically printing every file, use a virtual printer to convert the file and save then and only print what is necessary when need arise.

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So, instead of printing reports daily or weekly, use a virtual printer to modify and send the report to authorized persons. However, you can produce hardcopy reports monthly or quarterly.

  1. Edit work before printing

Often paper wastage is as a result of printing before editing the work. If you print the job and your boss identifies an error, you’ll have to correct and print the file again. But, if you fix the document and ask someone else to proofread it before printing, you’ll save a paper.

  1. Single spacing

Unless the document is highly essential, use single spacing on your report. A page will carry more content as compared to double spaced paper. Consequently, you’ll reduce paper wastage.

  1. Few workplace announcements

Typically, if you want to pass information quickly, you have to print and put the letter around the corridors. However, you can reduce the number of pages you print and stick the announcement of widely used places like washrooms and kitchen.

Alternatively, you can use a virtual printer to adjust the softcopy file to like printed work then send it as an email. Fortunately, everyone is a user of the phone; thus, the email will pop up just when they are scrolling through.

Bottom line

Paper waste is the most significant form of cost misuse. It compromises of ¼ of the office expenses. It is therefore essential to find ways of cutting printing cost. Similarly, find other forms of office wastages and implement ways of reducing the wastage.

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