How to Make Your Label Design Print-Ready

According to a survey, 72% of consumers buy products based on packaging. One of the most critical parts of the packaging is the label, which not only reveals essential information but also helps make whatever is on the product stand out from the rest. If you have a product to sell, you should make sure that it has an informative and eye-catching label.

Label Design Print-Ready

These days, fortunately, you can order online labels without much trouble. It helps in cutting down production costs by eliminating the need to get your hands on industrial printers.

While outsourcing the label printing job can help save money, there is one precious commodity that it tends to consume in return: time. After submitting the design to the service provider operating on the internet, you will have to wait for the prints to get to your doorstep. Luckily, some custom label printers out there work faster than the rest.

If you don’t want to waste time, it is a good idea to make your label design print-ready. As the name says, it enables the service provider of your choice to send your label to the printing queue without any delay as it no longer requires any adjusting or fine-tuning.

Time is of the essence, and this applies no matter the product that you are trying to sell. Submitting a print-ready label design to your preferred online custom label printing company makes it possible for your products to hit the shelves as soon as possible.

Let a Pro Do the Design

One of the steps that you may take to have a print-ready design is to seek the help of a person with enough experience with label designing. The right one for the job is a designer who understands your product as well as your mission.

An excellent way to eliminate the steep cost of designing a label is by allowing a freelancer to carry out the task. These days, there are many freelancing platforms online where you can come across a designer who has the right talent and asking price. In some instances, you may hold a contest and pay for the design of the winning artist.

Use the Right Design Software

Different designers prefer to use different design software. Whether you are the one who will design the label or someone else, it is a good idea to use Adobe Illustrator. In the world of graphic design, this software is the gold standard.

What’s so lovely about the said software is that it lets you design the elements of your label in vectors rather than in pixels, making them scalable to any size without quality reduction. Because of this, it is possible to perform any necessary adjustment quickly and without any complication that can delay printing.

Provide Enough Bleed Area

Before submitting the design to your chosen service provider of online labels, make sure that there are sufficient amounts of the bleed area around it. As the name suggests, it is an area into which the design, especially the background, bleeds.

The bleed area is essential because it helps reduce the risk of your label having white borders in them once already cut. Providing your design with enough bleed area eliminates unnecessary problems in the cutting process. Different design sizes call for different bleed area measurements. The standard is 0.125 inches around the design.

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To have a print-ready label design, follow the tips above. Also, don’t forget the importance of choosing the right custom label printing company online.

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