2 Of The Best Business Newsletters To Subscribe To In 2019

By this point in time, you have learned just how important regular newsletters are in terms of growing your business. It’s obviously a way to keep your name, your brand, on the minds of people who have expressed an interest in your company, but newsletters are so much more. Not only are they informative but they should be engaging, which is the ultimate goal anyway, isn’t it? Newsletters help to build and maintain a customer base and so it is vital that you pull out all the stops to get it right. Make them count. If you really want to do it right, it’s time to look at how content marketing pros approach the subject.

2 Of The Best Business Newsletters To Subscribe To In 2019

A Word About Content Marketing

If you are going to subscribe to any business newsletters whatsoever, make them content marketing emails. These will help you learn such things as formulating effective CTAs (Calls to Action) and how to get higher click through rates both from your own newsletter and your website once they’ve landed there. As mentioned by the Small Business Chronicle, the ultimate goal is to keep your name out there. That’s what a good newsletter does and so here are two of the business newsletters you can learn from.

1. The Washington Post – Believe It or Not!

While it may be a bit of a stretch to call a newspaper, even in digital format, a newsletter, but this well-respected periodical has all the makings of what a great newsletter is all about. Just a few years ago this major online publication won the Webby Award for its amazing layout and design. The Webby Award is coveted in the business and if you are learning to create your own newsletters to be automated mailings with platforms like Sendinblue, you will follow their awards closely.

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2. MOZ

Yes, MOZ is a marketing/SEO company, but it is a company, nonetheless. If you are interested in subscribing to the best business newsletters to see how it’s done, then why not learn from one of the most respected names in the content marketing arena? Check out their layout, their content, and then take a look at a few statistics. They are one of the most read online newsletters out there, so bear that in mind while analysing just what it is that they do. One of the co-founders, Rand Fishkin, became so successful that he now has ventured out to form a new startup and everyone in the industry is following with bated breath. His knowledge and expertise are just that powerful. He says that audience influence and intelligence are all important and he is the man to show you how it’s done.

There are so many more newsletters out there, some within your own industry that you may want to subscribe to. However, when it comes to using newsletters to grow a business, the best companies to follow are marketing giants. You won’t find more successful newsletters than those published and emailed from names like The Washington Post or MOZ, so if you have time to read nothing else, read these two. You will learn so much which you can then apply to your own industry. Make every issue count!

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