Easy Ways Of Tackling Pet Hair And Keeping Your Home Clean

Come spring and you can expect your pet dog to shed hair in copious quantities. While this can be very annoying at any time, it is even more exasperating when it happens when you are spring cleaning the house. Over an extended period sweeping up fur repeatedly can seem to be a battle that you can never win. However, with some of these smart tips, you can definitely make your life far easier.

Easy Ways Of Tackling Pet Hair And Keeping Your Home Clean

Frequently Launder Your Pet’s Bedding 

This may seem extremely elementary; however, you can expect a lot of pet hair to accumulate in the spot where your pet spends a lot of time. The bed of the pet definitely scores very high on the list of such places. You may be quite surprised at yourself that you may have never washed or cleaned the pet’s bed at all. It is a very good idea to purchase a bed that has slip-on covers that can be washed at home along with the rest of the laundry. Getting a few slipcovers is a good decision because then you can rotate them. In case, your pet loves to park herself on your furniture, you could think of using a washable cover at her favorite spot too. Many dog owners also use dog collars to give information about the diet of the dog and food habits. This is especially important for a dog that has allergies or needs to avoid a specific food.

Groom Your Pet Regularly

Instead of waiting for your pet to look unkempt or dirty before giving her a bath or grooming her, you should make grooming a regular practice if not a daily affair. With regular grooming, your pet not only looks and smells better but also you get the chance of removing hair that is ready to be shed. You can then simply remove the hair with the brush very conveniently instead of having to pick the fur up from all over the house. Try and get a brush that can be used both normally and also in the bath to remove loose fur. Remember, apart from taking better care of your pet, regular grooming means you need to clean up your house a lot less.

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Get Cool Clothing for Your Pet

There are many people who would laugh at the idea of pets wearing clothes, however, even though it may look a little funny in the initial stages, it is a very good idea for containing the fur being shed to the body of the pet instead of being scattered all over the place, which then you would have to clean very laboriously. Obviously, this idea will work only if your pet does not mind wearing clothes; if she kicks up a fuss, you should never force it on her.

Get Yourself a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Sweeping and floor mopping are not very good techniques for removing hair and clumps of fur that your pet has shed. Investing in a good quality vacuum cleaner that has attachments for cleaning pets can make a great difference to the effort you need to put into the exercise and the results obtained. You could even consider a new-gen robotic vacuum cleaner that will do the job all by itself without requiring your personal intervention.

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