How to Convince Customers That They Can Save More with a Salvaged Car

So you deal in salvaged cars and want to sell good quality cars to interested buyers. When customers see the ‘salvage title’, their first impression is to doubt and feel apprehensive. Hey, hold on, take a deep breath and relax. If you are worried that how to ease your buyers into the deal, you are reading the perfect article. A fully salvaged SUV or classic car sells usually for 30 or 40 percent less than the model with a clean title. If you have a pre-ownedminivan costing $16,000 and compare it with a fully repaired vehicle with a salvage title, the latter would sell for $11,000. That is a considerable saving of $5,000 for your customers. Are you still pondering why buyers would consider a salvage title? Here is why:

Save More with a Salvaged Car

A Salvage Title Makes Sense for Your Customers

If you have a business dealing in salvaged vehicles, figure out whether your state allows such cars, SUVs, and vans on the road. For example, if your buyers hail from New Jersey, the state does allow salvaged and rebuilt vehicles.

Your Customers Purchase Used Cars

When it comes to the repair costs associated with a brand new vehicle, there is not much of a difference when compared to fixing the parts or components of a pre-owned model. For example, if a new vehicle is to get totaled by an insurance firm, the carshould sustain considerable damage. That is because a brand new SUV purchased from the manufacturer is still valuable. A pre-owned vehicle with a salvage title, on the contrary, costs much less, even if it is in a good working condition. Your customers can research on the internet and find more information about pre-owned vehicles for sale on platforms like Ideal Auto USA.

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The Salvage Title Car Stays for a Lifetime

An SUV with a salvage title can be used by the customer for several years.While finalizing the deal, educate your buyers that if they purchase the car for 65 percent of its original price, they will be able to save a significant amount of money. That is your USP to pique buyer interest.

Minor Repairs Are Not a Concern

When you sell a salvaged car to the right person, minor repairs will not be his or her concern. That is because buyers interested in salvaged titles know what they are going to expect. They are not averse to trivial fixes orscratching their knuckles a bit. This way, your customers can save more than the 30 or 40 percent if they invest in a salvaged car that requires minor repairs. You can calculate the repair cost and deduct the same from the car value before making an offer to your potential buyers.


Buying a salvaged car is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, you will find buyers who look for such vehicles. This article is for those. It highlights some choices that you may not have thought about before but might work fine for you and your car buyers.

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