Points to keep in mind while hiring a car on rent

Find Out If There Is Any Rewards Programs and Coupons

Just like it happens in the hotel industry where users are rewarded for staying longer period in the hotel room or for frequent patronizing, rental cars companies also reward renters with perks. Most of these programs can be joined free and offer discounts to renters on hired cars. More so, renters may earn points when they hire a car to be used when next they hire a car. Some car hire companies offer their frequent car renters the opportunity to enjoy free car upgrades and front-line pick-up privileges. Different car hire companies offer different incentives, promo and rewards program, therefore, ensure that you find them out when you need the service if rental cars UAE. You can even save more by looking online for coupons you can use for these car rental companies. 

Beware of Surcharges

Most rental cars UAE that offers rental services at Dubai airport would charge you extra bills to refuel the tank in case you return the car with gas less than what you left with. Hence, always note the gas gauge when you hire the car and ensure that you return it with about the same amount. Some other car hire companies allow renters to make a fuel pre-purchase that enables them to buy a full tank of gas when they pick up the car. This option permits renters to return the hired car with any fuel level without trouble. Make sure that you ask about any other hidden charge to avoid unnecessary issues.

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In case you would not need to use the car up till the agreement period and have to return earlier than the agreed, for instance, you hire the car for a week, but would have to return it just after three days, quickly inform the car hire company. That is not a big issue, though your daily hire rate may increase as a result of that. This is because most car hire companies operates “the longer you rent, the cheaper your fee” policy. However, returning the hired car a few hours before the agreed period wouldn’t attract any extra charge.

In Dubai, the age limit for driving a hired car is 25 years. Renters who are below the age of 25 years may not be allowed to rent a car or they may be charged an additional fee due to their age. Such extra fee may vary according to location and the car hire company.

Get Insurance

Most people don’t know that majority of the regular car insurance companies cover rentals too. In addition, rental insurance may be covered by your credit card provider e.g. MasterCard and Visa. Though insurance coverage by credit card is usually secondary coverage, this means that the credit card company would only cover what your car insurance company does not cover. But in the case that you do not have any car insurance coverage or rental car insurance coverage through your credit card, better get a rental insurance coverage through the car hire company.

You may need to contact your personal insurance company or credit card provider to find out if they cover for foreign car rentals too. Otherwise, purchase insurance from the car hire company.  It is better for you to be safe than to be sorry – in Dubai.

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Know the Rules for Renting Abroad

Renting a car in Dubai may look a bit intimidating. However, it’s not anything of a big deal if you know the rule that governs in the UAE. Ask questions from therental cars UAE that offers rental services at Dubai airport, and if you are booking a car prior to your arrival, ask for those things you would need. For instance, Dubai demands that you have a country-issued driver’s license and an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Listed above are necessary things you ought to know before travelling to Dubai for either vacation or business trip. The write up also includes tips to guide you when you need to rent a car in the UAE.

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