Follow These Steps and You Will Never Get Your Event Videos Wrong!

Event video is a different aspect of video production, which uses efficiency, objectivity as well as realism. An expert event photographer pays particular attention to the environment as well as the guests in attendance to the event.

Austin is such a beautiful place to shoot an event video. The scenery can be amazing especially when shot against famous locations in Austin like Mount Bonnel or the historic South Congress — Capitol Building.

Get Your Event Videos Wrong

A corporate event video production austin tx needs the utmost preparation to ensure success. This also involves the ability to think outside the box. If you’re planning to shoot high-class event videos, these are the key elements to follow:

  1. Get to the venue a few hours before the start of the event. Let us assume you are shooting in an epic location like Austin’s Barton Creek Greenbelt. You can map out the venue before the ceremony gets underway proper. Such preparations give you the convenience of exploring the grounds, as well as picking up excellent sceneries.
  2. It is typical for corporate event video production austin tx, to have another video embedded inside the main video. This includes the decor and grounds. It is best to take shots of these areas before the arrival of the guests.
  3. Discuss the places where the shoots will take place during the event.
  4. Interact with the event organizers to know who the VIPs are. Talk to them of who they want (and don’t want) to include in the video.
  5. Obtain the main program of the event as well as the video brief. These will allow you to plan how the video will go before shooting. Partner with the organizers to get detailed information on the sequence of events.
  6. Bring plenty of batteries as well as flash drives. There is nothing worse than running out of power in the middle of a video shoot.
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What to Shoot

  • When the event begins, take shots of the bigger close-up portraits. The rooms are typically empty before the guests arrive.
  • Remember all the details of the interior. This should include all branded content, flowers, decorated tables, and logos. Capturing these elements gives your event video an atmospheric feel.
  • Specific moments of conversations between guests should be captured. Seize hold of their beautiful facial expressions. Watch out for their beautiful smiles, salutations, and embraces. Such moments will give your videos a sense of nostalgia.
  • Do not forget to get the best shots of the attendees. These could be the guests of honor, VIPs, and celebrities. Videos featuring these set of people are highly sought after.
  • Do interviews. Switch on the camera, meet many guests, and ask them questions about their opinion of the event.

Once you are through, it is highly likely your storage devices will be filled to the brim with loads of video content. The difficult task will be to choose amongst the many shoots, which are the most memorable.

Give your clients a realistic expectation of the finished product. This gets you the appropriate time needed to curate the highest quality videos, capturing the best moments of their lives.

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