The Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Hair loss is a phenomenon that is not always in your control. As you age, you may face a good amount of hair fall. However, you don’t have to panic because there are plenty of treatments and remedies that will slow the hair fall process.

In this article, we shall discuss some home remedies, over the counter products, and also suggest treatments from professionals in hair regrowth treatment Los Angeles CA.

It’s always important to conduct research and consult a medical expert before you try any “remedies” on your scalp. Everybody has a different hair type, and there is no standard treatment that works for everyone. So, with proper consultation and research, you can find out what products and procedures will help you and what you can avoid.

Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Androgenetic Alopecia, aka male pattern baldness, is hereditary. It affects more than half of the male population after the age of 50. Listed below are some of the best procedures and products that you can try, after consulting with your doctor:

Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs:

The FDA has approved two leading drugs to treat male pattern baldness, and they are:

Ø Rogaine- is available as an Over the Counter Drug, and comes in a liquid or foam-like consistency. You will have to apply it to your scalp directly, twice a day, for healthy hair growth and prevention of hair loss.

Ø Proscar/Propecia: This medicine is available as a pill, and you have to consume it daily. You can avail it only with the help of a prescription from your doctor.

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It’s important to note that you have to take these drugs consistently for a year if you want to see the desired results.

Hair transplants:

There are two famous methods of hair transplants:

Ø Follicular Unit Transplantation

Ø Follicular Unit Extraction

Both these hair transplant methods are considered surgeries; they can be expensive and painful, as well. If you plan on receiving a hair transplant, you have to be aware of infections and scars. At times, the hair transplants may require multiple sittings to obtain the desired results.

Quit smoking:

If you indulge in smoking, then you’re probably constantly reminded of the negative impact of tobacco. However, not many people understand that continuous smoking can affect hair loss, as well; it also leads to facial wrinkles and premature gray hair. If you want to prevent early hair loss, then it’s a good idea to quit smoking immediately.

Scalp massage:

Massages are amazing, and there’s no doubt about that, they help you relax and melt all your stress away. Another bonus of a good scalp massage is that it can prevent substantial hair loss because massages help stimulate the blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles.

A balanced diet:

A nutritious and well-balanced diet can keep your hair thick and shiny. Your diet should have plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and limited sugar intake. It’s a well-known fact that your scalp requires vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth.


If you notice hair loss at an early age, you can try the tips mentioned above to prevent it from getting worse. However, if you want to consult professionals and try a natural solution to the hair loss problem, then you can visit hair regrowth treatment in Los Angeles CA.

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