The Pros and Cons of Going for Research in the Field of Medicine

Students nowadays look towards multiple avenues to make a career for themselves and that makes them confuse to no end. One basic reason for this is they don’t get in touch with the career counselors in their respective high school/college so that they can decide about a particular field of study. Students going for a degree in medicine are no exception as they are also in quest of several answers. In this blog, now I will try to offer you some in-depth analysis about the dilemmas medical students face.

Research in the Field of Medicine

Students looking to opt for Research

There is a common misconception among students that there are something that they can’t done without a prerequisite. Many students who want to opt for research right after they have graduated are told that they can’t pursue it without a PhD degree. As a physician passed out from any Caribbean medical school or any university situated in US/Canada, you can start a research project or can assist a person.

Most of the times students like to involve in summer research when they are free from any type of studies or clinical engagements. Summers are like a blissful period for students where they get the much needed respite and break from their tough schedule. While most students look to take a vacation and enjoy the summer months in the sun, there are few students who have a long-term vision. That’s why they go for research to get a head-start for their career.

A Combined Degree in Medicine and Research

There is another option for students to go for a combined MD/PhD degree which typically takes about seven years. A student can go for such a program if he is super-confident and sure that research is what he likes to do and pursue a career in it. After completing the first two years of medical school, a student can do research for 3-4 years and then return to third and fourth years to complete the whole 7 years of study.

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Most MD/PhD students are employed by hospitals and medical institutes as faculty members. Here they can indulge in both basic science and clinical research. There are a host of employment opportunities that exist in both government and private sectors. So I would highly recommend students among you who want to go for research in any field related to medicine.

Final word

The field of research is a very niche one and most students go on to become a physician/surgeon after their studies are completed. In fact, they have to choose about this once they are in their 3rd year of medical school. Roughly about 5% of the students go for the research field as their career and that’s why there are huge opportunities for anyone pursuing this field because of demand-supply gap. With unbelievable and path-breaking research going on in many fields of medicine, the future is rosy enough for everyone.

If you want to add something to this blog or want to know more about the exciting field of research and other possibilities and options students have, you can use the comments section below.

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