Velcro Swaddle For A Wriggle-Free Baby!

The best feeling for a newborn is that of his mother’s womb! The Velcro swaddle will keep your baby wiggle-free without the hassle of swaddling because the feeling of watching your baby sleep comfortably is irreplaceable.


The closed fists and the little movements with their tiny feet keep your baby alert. It gives a fearful feeling that he’s away from his mommy’s womb. However, A Swaddle is the closest to a womb that the baby can feel post-birth.

As a result, babies, when properly swaddled, immediately calm down because they crave the same feeling after entering the real world. The womb is a protective environment that provides very little space to move. The swaddle should be the same way, and it should create a similar feeling for the baby in a consistent environment.

The velcro swaddle wraps the baby comfortably and fixes its space irrespective of any movement made by the baby, giving him/her the comfort and ease of a womb. The area that the Velcro stitch provides is equivalent to that of a womb; therefore, babies feel safe, secure, and sleep in peace.

Once the baby is securely swaddled, he/she will quickly calm down, and since the swaddle has Velcro that retains its consistency, the baby can stay calm for a more extended period. Hence, sleep will last longer when swaddled.

Nitty Gritty

Velcro Patches along the edge on an external layer keeps the dampness away from the child by providing him a calm and comforting space.

The Velcro swaddle ensures a breathable space with adjustable wrapping, making it a useful tool for a hand full of months, saving the expense of buying new swaddles. It also has attractive prints and colors that one can adore and buy for their baby.

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The extended ideas of Velcro patches have made mothers, along with their newborns, get some peaceful sleep. Usually, the baby cries often over a short interval of time, leaving the mothers to be sleep-deprived and worked up. The already panicked moms can use the Velcro swaddle and feel less worked up by getting some much-needed sleep.

How does it work?

The attractive surface spreads outwards leaving the breathable cover inwards. The newborn is positioned on the inward side with one corner underneath the baby’s head guaranteeing the youngster’s right arm is dealt over their chest. The Velcro is mostly placed on the left side, fixing it around and over the other side. The press and stay feature comes with a sensor inside that guarantees safety for the kid’s delicate skin while simultaneously accomplishing a custom fit for the infant each time, unlike other simple swaddles.

When wrapping the infant’s legs, they can collapse towards the middle for a more belly like resting position, or down so the child can stretch out.

Moreover, it can be utilized as a kiddie apron, a lightweight breastfeeding spread, or for some other use. At the point when an infant starts to move or change arm positions, the Velcro swaddle is designed in such a way that the bay remains protected and comfortable. Its use can make the lives of babies and their mommies a lot easier!

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