The Health Benefits Of Being In A Relationship

There’s nothing like being in a contended relationship to put a spring in your step. It’s always great to have someone to share things with; everything from tasty meals to holidays to laughter. And someone to confide in during more stressful times. Relationships are certainly excellent for our frame of mind.

The Health Benefits Of Being In A Relationship

But did you know there are also many scientifically-proven reasons why being in a partnership is actually beneficial for your physical health? Here are some of the reasons why being ‘an item’ is so good for your well-being.


There is so much more to being in love than getting butterflies in the stomach at the sight of your partner. When you feel happy and frequently sexually stimulated by someone, your body will produce chemicals that will actively make you feel better by boosting your mood. These include oxytocin, which has been christened ‘the love hormone,’ and when your brain releases this during certain types of contact it gives you feelings of bonding with your partner. Simply being around your other half is fabulous for your health, and there are hormones flowing through your bloodstream to prove it!

Keeping fit 

Being involved in a loving relationship will encourage you to look after yourself. It’s only natural to want to impress your significant other. So guys who might have spent a period of being single, content to slob around their bachelor pad wearing yesterday’s t-shirt and saggy jogging-bottoms will suddenly become inspired to put effort into their personal grooming.

Faced with the potential of a partner who is very likely to be amenable to regular intimacy they’ll focus on their physique. Those trips to the gym that were abandoned some time ago will be resurrected in an attempt to shave off some of that unsightly stomach fat. Vigorous bedroom sessions also require optimum fitness levels. Any male who wants to impress a new partner in the sack will want to avoid the potential of having to stop half-way for a breather. Exercise will become the hot topic of the moment.

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Of course, this doesn’t have to involve hoisting weights at the gym. The best forms of exercise are activities you can undertake at your own pace, which is why a brisk 20-minute walk once a day, building up to a more cardiovascular jog around the park, are terrific ways to keep in shape. Not only will you feel more confident in your relationship, but you’ll be doing your own personal health the world of good.

Stress levels 

One of the most beneficial aspects of being in a partnership is simply having someone to let off steam to. When people living on their own are confronted with life’s stress and traumas, knowing they have to deal with these on their own can be aggravating in itself. But one adage that has been proven to be so true is that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved.’ Couples who can talk through issues are far better equipped to arrive at a satisfactory solution.

Social aspects 

It’s always a good thing to have your time regularly spiced-up with romantic encounters, whether that’s date nights, cozy nights in, or simply having someone to drop flirty texts on every once in a while. These are all actions that will ensure you are kept excited about your life rather than despondent. Remember, while being in a relationship can improve your physical health it will also do wonders for your mind.

One in four adults will experience mental health issues at some point, and while the fact you are in a loving partnership certainly doesn’t preclude you from going through problems like depression or bipolar disorder, it definitely puts you in a more advantageous position than someone who is having to deal with these matters alone.

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In conclusion, mentally and physically, being ‘with somebody’ is clearly an experience that is reflected in positive health and well-being. If you are currently single but seeking to remedy this situation, your quickest fix might be to go online and start browsing for a potential partner by checking out the likes of this website. It could be the first step towards unleashing those love hormones!

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