Frshly Joins Hands With IRCTC, TFS, And Others

The first automatic food retail chain of the world, Frshly, has made an entry into various joint ventures with the likes of IRCTC, TFS, and other huge worldwide companies. The planned joint ventures with these key transit companies make the path for Frshly to tap into the quick developing travel industry and set up their high-tech automatic outlets all over the main railway stations, airports, and other main transit points in the country and all over the world.

Frshly Joins Hands With IRCTC, TFS, And Others

Outlets of Frshly are also obtainable in corporate hubs, IT parks, and hospitals among others. Frshly is continually fostering relations with huge global and national food companies as well as huge facility management firms to improve their foot-print and capacity. CEO and founder of Frshly, Satish ChamyVelumani, claimed to the media in an interview, “We have been developing forcefully and are aiming to make a worldwide enterprise with more than 1000 outlets all over various nations over the upcoming 2 Years to 3 Years.”

He claimed, “We are operating with various International FMCG companies, and have designed an exclusive bionetwork to serve and prepare their instant Upma, noodles, and cereals via our automatic outlets. We are sure that all these main joint ventures will unlock doors for other affiliations as well.”

Business Head and Chief Operating Officer at Travel Food Services (TFS) Gaurav Dewan, claimed, “Frshly and TFS are natural associates, we have a mutual agenda of changing travel experience and be in front of the speed of service, curve on innovation, the relevance of offer, and quality of experience! Freshly check off all these boxes for us and we are happy to associate with them.”

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Frshly has been a dominant player when it comes to modernism in the food-tech industry, with 7 patent filings all over packaging and dispensing techs. Out of these, 6 of them were filed in the previous quarter.

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