The Benefits Of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is believed to be an incredibly healthy food to consume. It even has the bragging rights of being considered a superfood. If you do not know what a superfood is, here is a brief explanation. Superfoods is a non-medical category of foods that have health benefits. This category mostly consists of plant-based foods, but there are some dairy products and certain fish. There are no set criteria to determine whether or not a particular food qualifies as a superfood, it is not an actual classification. Instead, it is an ambiguous term used to describe foods that provide some type of health benefit. Generally speaking, a superfood will be full of vitamins, minerals, and/ antioxidants. These foods help the human body to prevent certain illnesses and shorten or improve others. There are also some superfoods that are believed to help mental status. The term “superfood” is believed to have been coined by the media as a marketing strategy, but this does not mean that the term is inaccurate. Here you will learn about some of the many benefits of eating the superfood wheatgrass.

The Benefits Of Wheatgrass

The first question that many ask is, what exactly is wheatgrass? Is it a type of wheat? Is it grass? The answer is that it is a type of grass. It is not the kind that you see in your front yard. Rather it is more like a cousin to it. While wheatgrass is in the same plant family as the grass in your yard, it is actually quite different. This particular type of grass is packed to tips with different vitamins. The human body requires a balance of vitamins and minerals to function correctly. This is why foods like this are so helpful, you get most of your daily dose of certain vitamins in one sitting. In particular, wheatgrass contains calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and amino acids. Regarding the amino acids, there are seventeen different ones found in wheatgrass. Eight of the seventeen are considered “essential”. This means that the average human body is not capable of producing enough of that particular amino acid and therefore, they must be gained through the foods that are consumed.

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So, what does all of this information mean? There will be plenty of information to sort through shortly. Before going any further, let’s take a minute to talk about how to obtain wheatgrass. Many health foods stores sell it on their shelves every day, if you have access to this type of store, look no further. Also, some major chains such as Walmart occasionally carry wheatgrass, you will have to check with your local stores to find out for certain. There are different brands of wheatgrass, just like with anything else. If you cannot find any varieties in your local stores, you will need to utilize the internet and order online. When you are ready to search for wheatgrass, you can either search in general or search for a specific brand. Either way, you will need to use specific keywords to find what you are looking for. A good example of a search for a specific type of wheatgrass is “Where to buy Pines Wheatgrass”. This is direct in what you are looking for, but it is still simplified enough that it will not overwhelm the search engine with too many specifics. If your first search does not yield the results that you need, alter your keywords slightly and try again. You should only have to try one or two times to get the results that you desire, but if you continue to have problems, consider changing your keywords entirely before trying again. If you still have no luck, change browsers.

Now, what are the benefits of eating wheatgrass? It has already been mentioned that wheatgrass contains eight essential amino acids that the human body has to gather through the food it consumes, but this, not the only benefit of eating it. Wheatgrass is also known to increase the production of hemoglobin. If you do not know what that is, is a chemical in red blood cells, This chemical is what carries oxygen through the blood. Wheatgrass is also used to help IBS which stands for irritable (or inflammatory) bowel syndrome.

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Cholesterol is a substance in the body that a large number of adults fight with most of their adult life. The body uses cholesterol to produce bile and make hormones. However, when too much cholesterol builds up in the body it can cause serious problems such as blocking blood flow and increasing the person’s risk of heart disease. There have been animal studies that show that wheatgrass can help lower cholesterol levels. In one of the studies, it was discovered that the wheatgrass acted in much the same was as a prescription drug that is specifically for treating high cholesterol levels.

Diabetes is another disease that wheatgrass has been shown to help. While all of the trials have been done on animals, the results are striking. One study showed that wheatgrass is capable of modifying some of the enzymes used to lower blood sugar levels and another showed that eating wheatgrass significantly lowered blood sugar levels in diabetic rats.

Another important factor to consider is inflammation. This can be caused by any number of problems from cancer to autoimmune disorders. Chronic inflammation can be damaging and painful to the human body and there are not many ways to treat this. There have been multiple studies that show wheatgrass has a unique ability to reduce inflammation. This means potential relief for autoimmune disorder patients, cancer, patients, and so many others. Inflammation is generally the result of an injury or infection when it is not chronic. Consuming wheatgrass can also help in these circumstances. Sprained your ankle? Eat some wheatgrass. Infection in a scratch? Take some wheat grass. Wheatgrass can be found in foods, drinks, and extracts. Use it however you prefer. The most common way you will find it is in a health drink.

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