What All Job Profiles Can You Have Post A Data Science Degree?

Consider your ‘data science’ degree an umbrella. It encompasses so many job titles that are beyond the scope of this article. Each organization has different preferred names for their particular job postings. This lets us infer two things; one is that careers in data science course in hyderabad have broad classifications and two that it is highly usual to not find two organizations with exactly the same job title and associated duties & responsibilities. But as it is said, certain things are universal. Similarly, the following career options are universally available throughout the globe for a data science degree holder:

Post A Data Science Degree

  • Data Scientist: If put simply, you are the in charge. A data scientist is invested with the job of mining the structured or unstructured data, cleaning it and obviously visualizing it. What all skills are expected of a data scientist? Apart from proficient data analysis skills, understanding of statistics and mathematics, programming languages and tools like R, Hadoop, data visualization, data structures and warehousing, problem-solving skills, etc. in the marketplace presently, specializations are trending which implies that data scientists are typically going towards a particular industry or develop powerful skills in fields like AI, research, dataset management. Specialization provides you with a better platform to enhance your income and do work that is of particular interest to you. And if you wish to get the most out of your job, your eventual aim has to be a C-suite profile in data, like the chief data officer; although such profiles need management skills & do not really involve any crucial everyday data tasks.
  • Data Analyst: Amazon predicts what you might need next, based on your previous purchases and search history. It shows up on your screen. How? Well, they collect data, mine into that data, analyze it, and basically get insights into what you might buy next. This is where you can come in as a data analyst. The very obvious skills you will need include the application of data analytics tools, certain basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics with intermediate database and machine learning understanding. A broad array of positions comes under data analysis, so fairly enough you have an unrestricted career path. Although the majority of available jobs are of junior-level, but there are certain high paying senior-level jobs for the same job profiles. At loftier establishments having data teams, you can move into functioning toward management profiles if evolving management expertise is your interest.
  • Data Engineer: An organization’s data infrastructure is responsibly managed by a data engineer. Statistical analysis is not their forte. But their job usually involves a lot more focus on programming and software development skills. Well, the role of a data engineer involves tasks like structuring and upholding the infrastructure required to collect and swiftly access previously stored data. Continued experience and expertise in advanced programming skills, with building data pipelines, and understanding of systems like Postgres, etc. can help you continually grow as a data engineer. Also, you always have the option of developing management skills and moving into management duties, such as manager of the data team.
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Apart from the mentioned career opportunities in data science post a data science degree, there are many more options to explore. So, if building powerful data management systems or exploring enormous amounts of data is your calling, then a data science degree is all you should pursue.

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