The Benefits of Maintenance Plans and Cleaning for Solar Panels

How much do you know about solar panel maintenance? Maintaining your system is of crucial importance for its longevity.

While washing and cleaning these photovoltaic cells seems easy in theory, it’s much more complicated in practice. Professionals know how to clean these cells properly without causing damage. No risks are involved in the process, as experts are equipped with the necessary knowledge and equipment.

Plans and Cleaning for Solar Panels

These are the main benefits of maintenance plans and cleaning for solar panels.

How are they affected by extreme weather?

Just like other forms of electronics, photovoltaic cells are affected by extreme weather. When the weather is freezing, solar panels perform just fine. Nevertheless, if covered by snow, they cannot convert light into energy. Therefore, following a heavy snowfall, these cells should be cleaned with lukewarm water to clear away the snow. Find out if snow on solar panels is a problem for clean energy goals.

Hot water isn’t recommended during the cleaning process, as tempered glass is negatively affected by the difference in temperature between cold panels and hot water. In contrast, when the weather is scorching hot, photovoltaic cells tend to produce less voltage and reduce their efficiency. During storms, their performance is also unaffected due to their water-resistant surface, which keeps them clean.

On a similar note, they perform well in windy weather. High winds are no threat to those panels that are properly installed, as they are secure and safe.

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Do they require frequent maintenance?

While solar panels require insignificant maintenance to function properly, they still need to be maintained. Regular cleaning is recommended to ensure leaves, dirt, and other types of debris cause no obstruction to the sun rays. Such cleaning should be performed two to four times a year. Extensive maintenance is required during heavy snowfall periods, as a few inches of snow have the capacity to obstruct the performance of photovoltaic cells.

Maintenance Plans and Cleaning for Solar Panels

Tilted solar panels use rainfall to their benefit, as it clears the accumulated debris away. Anyhow, in the course of the dry season and prolonged rainless periods, cleaning the photovoltaic cells manually is required from time to time.

The wisest decision is to trust the maintenance task to solar panel professionals by selecting one of their maintenance plans. Nowadays, there are many experts in solar operations and maintenance, such as BeBa – Solar Maintenance, offering various services to their clients. Their professional team makes sure every system they maintain works optimally.

What are the benefits of professional maintenance and cleaning?

Solar panels are usually installed at the right angle so as to self-clean during rain periods. Nevertheless, in areas where there is a lack of rain, they won’t be cleaned sufficiently with the help of weather elements. The same applies to photovoltaic cells installed in coastal areas where the air is salty. Such air is likely to leave a sticky film on the cells, which is tricky to remove unless cleaned properly.

A fantastic benefit of professional maintenance and cleaning is the boost in efficiency. Clean photovoltaic cells deliver better energy output compared to dirty ones. Unless cleaned regularly, the protective glass will be covered by dirt, dust, or bird droppings, which gradually reduce the sunlight amount that these cells receive daily.

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Solar panels that fail to receive the necessary sunlight from working optimally could cost you more, as the system will have to rely more on the grid. Regular cleaning boosts their efficiency in electricity production. Follow this URL,, for some tips on boosting their efficiency.

Another benefit of regular maintenance is prolonging the lifespan of your solar panel system. Dirty photovoltaic cells aren’t likely to last as long as clean ones. Over time, they become damaged and stained, particularly if bird droppings and debris stay on them for too long. By hiring such services, you will slow down the degradation process and get the highest ROI. Additionally, hiring professionals reduces the risks related to the task, as they have the right equipment and knowledge to perform it.

To sum up

Unless you maintain your system regularly, you won’t receive the expected ROI.

Optimal efficiency is what every system needs to last for many years!

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