How Intuitive Healing Can Treat Your Baby’s Flu

You can effective heal your baby’s flu and make him feel better through intuitive healing sessions. This way, he would not have to take any pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medicines, and other treatment procedures.

Whether you are located in West Lake Hills suburbs, the Cedar Park or the Bushy creeks suburbs in Austin, the application of Intuitive Spiritual Healing Austin TX remains basically the same. This involves soul healing where you balance the heart of your kid to the energy of Mother Earth.

Intuitive Healing Can Treat Your Baby’s Flu

  1. You don’t need to think twice when your intuition tells you something is just not right. Be sensitive to your thoughts and see what happens next.
  2. Be mindful of how you speak to a kid that is hurting. If you speak in an unkind manner to your kid, you are sending a message that you lack parental empathy, leaving the kid lost.

These healing methods are what some healers adopt in their intuitive spiritual healing in Austin, TX, and they have been proven to work.

1. Earache

The majority of the earaches in Austin are not bacterial. You will not always need antibiotics as treatment. You only need to cure the discomfort in most cases. A few things that can guarantee treatment and encourage the healing process are garlic drops into the ear, hydrogen peroxide, and breast milk.

2. Fever

Of the two million people in Austin, fever and typhoid are common illnesses. Fever could be a bacterial or viral infection. Fever occurs as the body strives to fight off the virus. To treat fever via intuitive therapy, use cool washcloths on the body, and wear minimal clothing to prevent overheating.

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3. Flu

To treat flu, put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the shower basin and allow running hot water to steam up the bathroom and stay in there for at least 30 minutes. Onions that has been cut up, wrapped in a cloth handkerchief and placed near a sick kid’s pillow allows the mucous membranes to become runny and take out the virus.

Enough rest and lots of water also encourage the healing process. Also, if it is stomach flu, vomiting helps to treat the flu, so it is best not to suppress your vomit from getting it out. Avoid foods that do not digest easily and monitor your kids for signs of dehydration.

4. Teeth Pain and Swollen Gums

The best remedy for teeth pain is constant nursing. Treating a sick kid involves complete awareness of the kid’s body needs and functions. A wooden teething ring and cold peas can do the trick also. But you still have to nurse the kid back to health.

5. Eye Inflammation

This can be treated by soft and frequent massaging of the kid’s tear duct and dropping breast milk into the affected eye.

Children could be hurt for various reasons. It takes a good understanding and intuition to be able to make them feel better without needing to take antibiotics.

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