Now You Can Become Iron Man Using LG’s Wearable Robot

LG has declared that is it operating on a new wearable robot suit, which will assist consumers in lifting heavy loads amongst other errands. The South Korean tech major claims that this suit is made to help manual labor at places such as warehouses and factories.

Now You Can Become Iron Man Using LG's Wearable Robot

Dubbed as “LG CLOi SuitBot,” the wearable suit will be displayed at the forthcoming IFA 2018 (tech trade show) in Germany. The company claims that unlike earlier declared robots from LG such as Cleaning Robot, Guide Robot, and Serving Robot, the LG CLOi SuitBot does not navigate hotel hallways and airport lounges by itself. What it does is enhance and support a consumer’s legs to enable for lower limb strength and more mobility.

The suit was made in association with the startup named as SG ROBOTICS. It has an automatic adjustment feature along sandal-akin shoes, allowing users get out and in of it with no trouble. Also cited is that the suit can link with other LG service bots to become fraction of a smart working network to offer tools and information need at work sites like logistics, manufacturing, and distribution, claimed the firm.

Speaking of LG, the company lately declared a pair of neckbud items that come with support for Google Assistant. Similar to LG’s G7 handset, the new product, dubbed as Tone Platinum SE earbuds, has a devoted button that can be employed to wake the Assistant without saying the wake-up phrase “OK Google.”

LG believes that the Assistant button will be specifically helpful when employing features like Google Translate, and it is true that having to speak “OK Google” all the time will be even stranger amid a chat in a language that you do not speak. But this idea was not specifically natural when Google attempted its own effort on the function with the Pixel Buds.

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