Have You Ever Played Lawn Bowl? Here Are The Reasons Why You Should

Engaging in physical activities is right for your health. Playing bowl is one of the productive activities you can do any season of the year. In other words, bowling is ideal for every gender at any time of the year.

The unique thing about playing lawn bowl is that you can do it alone, in pairs or as a team. So, purchase second hand bowls and start practicing by playing alone then proceed to play in a team.

Played Lawn Bowl

Reasons Why You Should Play Bowl

  1. It’s an active game

Are you trying to lose weight without success or your arm fat is still intact? Wait until you play bowls. Playing bowls involves a lot of movement. You might even cover 3 miles moving from one point to another. Moreover, you’ll be working out your arms. Therefore consider buying second hand bowls if you want to lose weight or keep fit.

  1. It’s a chance to socialize

With the busy schedule you have, it’s essential not to forget socializing. Bowling can give you the opportunity of socializing because you can play it with friends or in a club. Moreover, you’ll have other voluntary duties which you can do and thus meet more people.

  1. It’s a game for all

Both men and women can play lawn bowl. There is no physical inability that can stop you from playing lawn bowl. So, if you’re thinking of joining sports and you feel some can limit you, consider bowling.

  1. Wide variety of bowls
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One of the popular bowls is the Drakes Pride Fineline 3H which you can find at Bush Hill Bowls. However, there are other types of lawn bowls that you can use to play either indoors or outdoors.

  1. Bowl sports has simple rules

When you join a club to play bowls, there is a possibility you’ll be given a trial period. This is to ensure you grow familiar with the rules running the sport.

For example, what is green when it comes to bowling? Green is the field. It can be an indoor or outdoor green. Other things you’ll learn the process of playing bowl – ideally, the game start by throwing a white ball called jack down the green.

So, if you’re playing in teams, each will have unique colored bowls. The two sides should roll the bowls toward the jack. The team that rolls the bowl closest to the jack becomes the winner.

  1. You’ll find a club near you

Some sports are played by wealthy families, which make their fields inaccessible. However, the bowl is for everyone, which means there is a bowling club near you. So, find a club you can join and start enjoying the game.

Fortunately, you can join a club for a trial period then pay for club membership once you’re aware of club and game rules.

Take Away

Look for clubs offering indoor green and train yourself how to bowl. Alternatively, watch the game online and buy your bowls which you can use at home.

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